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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Weigh in No 4

So my last weigh in post was 24th May! YIKES! That was a while ago. We couldn't put it off any longer and headed to get weighed again yesterday and yeah........

I'm now down to 15st 9lb from my original 16st 13 lb in April which means I have now up to 18lb loss (another 3 lb). I know it's not huge but as I say, a loss is still a loss. Ever since our holiday we have kind of lost our way a bit. I am so pleased that we haven't gone back to our old habits though and the fact that I haven't put any weight on whilst enjoying various holidays and trips away I think is proof that this kind of living is going to be sustainable.

On holiday we feasted like Kings and consumed A LOT of Cava bit we also walked for miles, swam, played tennis and ordered a fair bit of seafood over stodgier pasta.

During our staycations and holidays in the UK this month, again we have walked a lot (even climbed a huge hill) but have indulged in cakes and treats too. It's definitely all about balance. Before I would have just had the chocolate cake, where as now I know I need to do a bit of exercise in order to earn it.

At home, we have mostly been cooking from scratch using recipes from our weekly Gousto box. Evening meals are generally around the 700 kcal mark now.

Another big change that's here to stay is that we no longer buy fizzy pop for home. Don't get me wrong, I am partial to a Pepsi when we're in a restaurant still but at home it's water all the way. We always have a huge jug of chilled water in our fridge that keeps us going.

I'm not going to really put any pressure on myself to lose any weight this month, I just want to keep doing what I'm doing and enjoy summer. We'll still be going for long family walks, we'll still be drinking lots of water and cooking from scratch but I'll also be enjoying a few treats and BBQs along the way too.

Then in September once the kids are back to school, Steve and I are both going to really knuckle down and increase our exercise regime. We'll be joining our local gym and spending our days off there and hopefully our weight loss will pick up speed before we hit Christmas (where I absolutely will not be denying myself any loveliness).



  1. Congratulations! Slow and steady is definitely the way to go!

  2. Congrats, hun! You've done really well.


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