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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle

Katie Jane Online, New Girl in Toon and I have all had a tough couple of weeks due to various stresses in our lives. Our group messages had somehow turned into a support group with us all sharing lots of woe and it was clear that we needed a really good night out and some proper girl time. KJO organised for us all to attend a cocktail masterclass at Jalou and we joined forces with the lovely Laura to really make a night of it.

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou - Kir Royale

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou - VIP Lounge

We had our own private room and bar which was lovely and our first Prosecco cocktail went down a of course we ordered another. Tom happily obliged and we felt like real VIPs having our own dedicated barman.

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcaslte

There are 12 cocktails to choose from during the cocktail making class and you can decide which ones to go for. Cocktail masterclasses cost either £20.95 per person which includes a private area, welcome drink, 2 cocktails, a couple of shots and bar snack platter OR £25.95 to include an additional cocktail. I honestly think this is a real steal - there is no loud music, it's lots of fun and you get food, drink, lots of space to move, no bar queues and your own private barman. Considering cocktails usually cost £7-£9 in central Newcastle, I think these masterclasses are the perfect way to enjoy a girls night out with none of the hassle that can sometimes be associated with drinking as a group in Newcastle.

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle - Marshmallow Martini

Chloe and I created the Marshmallow Martini and lets just say I was a little enthusiastic with the blow torch! Ooops!

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle

Everyone really wanted to create a Cookie Monster so Tom set up a 'Cookie Monster Off'. We raced against each other to see who could create one in the quickest possible time. I decided to scrap the measuring of shots and went for a bit of free pouring action. Everyone knows I'm ultra-competitive so of course I won and created my drink in the quickest time (although it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing).

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle - Cookie Monster

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle

More cocktails before a little break for food..........

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle - Bar Platter Food

I've tried a fair few cocktail making classes in my time and sometimes they can be regimented and you're made to stick to the rules. That certainly isn't the case at Jalou - it's fun, fast and pretty much anything goes :D Tom made sure we all had a really good time and coped with an increasingly drunken KJO, Laura and Chloe (not myself of course) very well. I love how flexible these classes are and we all just went with the flow......

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle

KJO and Laura made a special Zombie cocktail but KJO was too scared to try her shot! I think she was too busy mentioning how good the music was at Jalou......I think she mentioned it approximately 200 times. It is good though - think 90's & 00's R 'n' B. Perfect for those in their late twenties to thirties I think.

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle - Zombie

What they don't tell you is that at the end of the night there is a test! Ahhhh! Get your question right and you'll be treated to a nice shot - however get it wrong and you'll have to drink a shot of DOOM! HAHA! This might sound horrendous to some but we were all in need of a good drink so took everything we could. If shots aren't your thing or you really can't face a shot of doom, there really is no pressure and I'm sure Tom will slip you a nice shot or skip you instead :-) 

Cocktail Masterclass at Jalou, Newcastle - shots

I'd never been to Jalou before but I can't wait to head back. It is going to be my go-to bar now when I catch the train to/from town. Thanks KJO for being a gem and inviting us all along to join your cocktail making class. We all agreed, it was the most fun we'd had in AGES and very much came along at the perfect time.

Need to Know

  • Cocktail Masterclasses at Jalou start at £20.95 per person which includes a private area, welcome drink, 2 cocktails, a couple of shots, games and bar snack platter.
  • To book or enquire, email

Disclosure: Katie Jane Online invited us along to enjoy a complimentary cocktail masterclass. I was not required to blog about our evening but it was lots of fun and wanted to share the love. 


  1. I need to take this class! It's a super fun way to learn a new skill :)

  2. You're right considering the price of cocktails on their own this is such a great price, considering you get food too x

  3. I'd love to try a cocktails master class, this looks like such fun!

  4. I love watching cocktails being made and the cookie monster looks amazing x

  5. What a fantastic event! I wish there was something like this near to me as I would love to have a go x

  6. This looks like a fantastic thing to do! I love cocktails and the idea of being able to make the really interests me!

  7. Wow, this looks like amazing fun! And you've given me serious cocktail cravings!


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