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Sunday, 7 August 2016

You only have one life - Make sure you live it

With all the tragedies that are happening in the world at the moment, it makes you realise just how precious life is. I am in the school of thought that I will not let the fear of Terrorism stop me from doing anything. We live in the UK and have been on the highest terror alert for years now. I am just as likely (some would say more likely) to be hit by an act of terrorism somewhere like the MetroCentre than I would be travelling by plane to another country. I refuse to let the threat of terrorism take over life and stop me from living mine how I want to. If anything, the neverending news reports of the awful atrocities that seem to happen daily now actually push me more than ever to make the most of every single day.

You only have one life - make sure you live it - Angel of the North
Visiting the Angel of the North

So I have a huge bucket list in my head of places we want to go or visit. Some are pretty local (like visiting the Angel of the North which we managed earlier this year) and others are more far flung (like visiting Havana which we have planned for next year).

As a grown up, time flies quicker than you would imagine. I mean it doesn't seem like two minutes ago I was waiting for my GCSE results - how can that be more than half my life ago?? It is SO easy to just watch the years go by and to not visit the places you'd like to. Time & money are restrictive and the biggest reason I haven't ticked more things from my list but with a bit of savvy planning, I am slowly getting there.

Our Plan  To Conquer Our Bucket List

At the beginning of the year, as a family we sit down and think about what we'd REALLY like to tick from our bucket list that year. So last year, Harry was learning about the Stoneage and that prompted us to plan a visit to Stonehenge. This year, he has been learning about the Loch Ness Monster which meant that Loch Ness seemed like an obvious choice. Other places haven't been so planned but if we are near somewhere on our list we'll always make an effort to visit (for example when we visited Whitby Abbey last year during a trip to Scarborough or when we paid the Houses of Parliament a visit when in London). 

You only have one life - make sure you live it - Stonehenge
Visiting Stonehenge

There are many places around the world I would love to visit - Iceland, Thailand and Italy being top of the list. We have managed a trip to Cuba next year to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary, but on the most part, our far-flung destinations will have to wait until we are in a better position to pay for trips like this. 

You only have one life - make sure you live it - Whitby Abbey
Visiting Whitby Abbey

I would say however, don't let money, time or distance put you off making plans today. Seize the day and start making a list of places you'd like to visit in the UK TONIGHT. Then make a real conscious effort to visit a couple every year, otherwise, another 10 years may have passed by without you realising it. The summer holidays are the perfect time for bucket list adventures - we are visiting a few places that have been on our list for a while - Loch Ness being the main one but we also hope to take a family boat trip to the Farnes which is something that has been on our list FOREVER. 

You only have one life - make sure you live it - Houses of Parliament
Visiting the Houses of Parliament

Next year, we have Havana on our list and I would like to add somewhere from the UK from our list too but we'll decide later in the year where that's going to be :D

Let me know where's next on your bucket list and when you plan to visit. 



  1. This is a great way to think. I often get quite lazy when it comes to traveling. With both myself and my other half being self employed it's always quite difficult to sync up our quite periods. The past few years I've been trying hard to tick some ventures off the bucket list. Last year we hit Sicily which has been on the list for as long as I can remember, this year was NYC and next is gonna be Vegas, New Orleans & Memphis (huge Elvis fan fight here).

    I'd love to book a few city breaks though, fingers crossed!!

    Katie xoxo

  2. Very well said Sam, I have the biggest bucket list of places I want to visit, Barcelona being my next to conquer, life is just too short to worry about what could or might happen. As long as you take care of yourself at all times I think there are many many adventures to be had out there in the big wide world.


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