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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Weigh in number two

So it has been two weeks since my last weigh in so yesterday we popped over to Boots to check our progress

2 lbs off

I have to say I was hoping for more and I was a little disappointed in this :-(

But then I gave myself a shake and remembered THIS IS WHAT I WANTED. I want to lose weight slowly as then I know it is more likely to stay off and also I need to remind myself that I am not denying myself anything as I want this whole way of life to be sustainable.

9lb off in 4 weeks is not to be sniffed at.

The Good

I have walked A LOT more than usual. A couple of times a week I've been going out for 10k+ walks and I can really feel a difference. I have been out for a walk EVERY SINGLE DAY and I can definitely feel the benefit of doing this.

A fair few people have mentioned that you can really tell that I've lost weight and have said I look like  I've lost a stone. So that's encouraging to hear. I've also been able to fit into trousers that are actually 2 sizes smaller than what I would have bought in the past. Whoohoo!

We've eaten a healthy, low calorie dinner every single night (follow me on My Fitness Pal or Instagram to keep up to date with what I am eating).

I've dined out a couple of time but made healthier choices including this gorgeous salad from The Cook House and half pizza and salad from Fratellos. 

The Bad

I say bad but it's not really bad. I could never give up these things but I do understand that they are the reasons I have not lost perhaps as much as I would have liked. 

I went away for the weekend to Manchester with some friends and obviously we had a lot of Prosecco which was followed by a Subway breakfast and lots of cakes. Not good! 

It just happened to be a gorgeous sunny day on our 'date day' this month which resulted in us drinking A LOT of wine in beer gardens around Newcastle. This obviously isn't good for me but I need to accept that I still want to do this and if I do my weight loss will be slower. It's all about balance.

Our Saturday night takeaway was a Domino's Pizza this week of which I had 4 slices. Although it looks bad, I still managed to stay in my calories for that day,

I have mentioned previously that when I eat breakfast I do better. I will admit I haven't eaten breakfast every day in the last 2 weeks so will really make the effort to do this in the next few weeks.

11/4/16 - 16 stone 13 lbs
26/4/16 - 16 stone 6 lbs
10/5/16 - 16 stone 4 lbs

Total loss = 9 lbs

Please follow me on Facebook and share my journey. Next weigh in is 24th May - I am hoping for a 4lb loss so here's hoping! 



  1. 2lb is not to be sniffed at! Imagine losing 1lb a week until christmas, thats 32lbs! Over 2 stone! Keep up the good work. :)

  2. Congratulations - as you said, it's all going the right way, and I bet all the walking means you're toning up as well (especially if you're fitting into clothes two sizes smaller). I'm a definitely believer that slow and steady, with some treats, is far more manageable too.

  3. 9lb in a month is great, and if you think long term that's 54lb that's nearly 4.5 stone and you don't need to lose that much. You look fabulous and you can see the difference in you

  4. Well done Sam you must feel amazing! I'm struggling with my weight loss at the moment but you've spurred me on again, keep it up!

  5. Amazing work! Well done!

    Never ever feel disappointed at a loss even if it's small. When you're in it for the long run small and steady is the best way to go!

    You really are looking fantastic - really healthy and you can tell you've lost weight!

    Can't wait for your next progress update! xx

  6. Congratulations Sam! I'm so proud of you. I love your honesty and it sounds like you had an amazing week. You'll hit your target in no time ❤️

  7. Well Done Samantha. Yes it's all about balance so you can still have an enjoyable life and you're heading in the right direction. Stay positive and keep up the good work. June :)

  8. Well done Sam!! Remember it's not all about the scales. I've gained 1 lbs in the last 4 weeks (I hardly ever weigh myself) but I've lost inches around my arms, waist and abs! I also gained inches around my legs which I guess is what I need as a runner really. I always try and judge my weight about how I actually feel, if that makes any sense?! Keep up the good work I love seeing what you're eating on facebook :).

    Katie x


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