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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Weigh in number three

If you follow my Life As Mrs R Facebook page, you will have seen my wobble last week. I'm not going to lie! I was scared. I had three days of madness.

Day one:- Yo! Sushi launch party where I was topped up with Prosecco all night

Day two:- Raging hangover which resulted in me ordering pizza and a can of Pepsi!

Day three:- 26 course tasting menu at a blogging event.

Yep I was worried! 

I shouldn't have been though. I didn't fall off the waggon as I had in previous attempts to lose weight and I needed to remember there is a full 14 day period between weigh ins. Apart from these three events I had counted calories, eaten healthily and walked for miles. Just check out my Instagram for proof. 

I must keep reminding myself that I am in this for the long haul - events with lots of Prosecco and hangover pizzas are probably here to stay and I need to be ok with this and not panic! As long as they don't happen every night, I'll be fine.  The recurring theme in my weight loss posts is that IT'S ALL ABOUT BALANCE and it really is. 

Weight loss report 

OMG I lost another 6lb so that is a total of 16lb in 6 weeks. Not gonna lie I was grinning like a Cheshire cat! It is 3.5 weeks until our holiday and my target for then was to lose 20 lb loss so I am pretty on target.

What is working for me

1 - Meal planning and ensuring I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner so don't end up binging on snacks.

2 - Calorie counting using My Fitness Pal

3 - Not denying myself anything - I still drink wine at home, have a takeaway on a weekend and will enjoy myself at blogging events - life's too short not to.

4 - Making healthier choices where I can - we exclusively drink water/black coffee now which is saving us A LOT of calories (we previously were a full fat Pepsi kind of family) and will now usually only order one course when we dine out in a restaurant instead of our usual three. 

5 - Walking a lot. I started walking right from day one and have found it gets easier and easier. I now walk in excess of 10k steps per day and often reach 20k. I think nothing of taking the stairs or walking everywhere and 9/10 I leave the car at home. I feel like I need to take on a walking challenge soon so watch this space. It is 10 miles from our home to Blyth Harbour and back so I think we'll give this a shot after May half term. 

6 - Support from Steve. Steve is completely in the zone - even more so than me and it is fab having someone to keep each other on track and go out for long walks with. 

7 - Having a healthy snack cupboard. I have created a space in our cupboard where I put all my 100-150 kcal snacks. This way I am not tempted to eat the kids' cakes or sweets. I am currently loving rice cakes, crackers with sea salt from Aldi (4 crackers are less than 100 Kcals), Snack a Jacks, Flapjacks from Aldi and baked crisps. I often crave a savoury snack and this cupboard really helps when I need something to nibble on. 

I think I would like to end up at around 11 stone 12 lb but I'm not going to set that in stone until I get nearer and see how I feel. This is only 4 stone away and feels really achievable now. We have booked an anniversary trip to Cuba next April, that's around 45 weeks away and to get to my target weight by then I would need to lose 1.25 lbs per week which I think is very sensible. I have had a couple of big losses which always happens when you start trying to lose weight so if I do only lose a little next time I need to remember the bigger picture. 

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  1. You are doing exactly the right things and you are doing amazingly! Now onto that 26 course tasting menu...I think I might have maxed out at about 13 or 14, I don't think I've ever done 26!!

  2. Fantastic! It's best not to dwell on a 'wobble' and just start fresh the next day. Fitness pal is great, I found it really helpful learning how much calories are in breakfast cereals etc and then trying to find an alternative so I had calories spare for a snack at night. It's great that yous are supporting each other, Cuba sounds amazing!

  3. Well done! You are doing brilliantly and losing weight in the most sensible way!

  4. Well done, your doing really well. Keep going :-) x

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this! I just love it when people prove that with a sensible lifestyle you can still enjoy yourself and eat the food you want. You guys are awesome!

  6. Fantastic loss, well done xx

  7. Well done Sam, I'm honestly so proud of you. Having Steve on board to help must be a huge help. Keep up the good work and you'll get there!

    Katie x

  8. Well done you are doing amazing and I am sure you will hit your target in time for your holiday xx


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