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Monday, 16 May 2016

How I organise my blog

I love a bit of blog organisation and I usually have around 7-10 posts scheduled at any given time. I've decided to share how I stay organised when it comes to my blog and would love to hear your tips too.

Weekly Features

I have three weekly features that are a fairly new thing but I've found they really help me to focus my writing and ensure I write about things that I want to whilst providing a good mix of sponsored and non-sponsored content.

Tuesday:- Top 10 Tuesday (a top 10 list of anything)

Thursday:- Thursday Thoughts (an opinion piece)

Friday:- Friday Five (Five days out in the North East for the weekend ahead)

I also have two monthly blog link-ups:-

1st month - #LoveNorthEast (NorthEastFamilyFun)

20th month - #WorkWellWeigh (LifeAsMrsR)

These dates are all put in my diary in advance.

Life As Mrs R is nowhere near as organised as North East Family Fun as I don't publish as often or earn any money from this blog. I do post a fortnightly weigh in post though which you guessed it - is written into my planner in advance, mostly though, I just post on this blog when I want to.

My Stigu Planner

I use a Stigu planner as my blog planner and it really does the job well. Each week is given one page with a blank page opposite (handy for scribbling ideas). I use my Stigu planner for blogging only as I need to write so much down. I have a separate Filofax which I use as a diay. I find this system really works for me and helps me keep track of both my posts and my appointments/meetings without any confusion.

There are 5 columns per day (but I separate them into 4)

Column one - Weekly series (eg Top 10 Tuesday)

Column two - Post idea

Column 3 - Tick when I've written and scheduled the post

Column 4 - Date invoice sent and tick when paid (if applicable)

I tend not to post on a Saturday and Sunday if I can but sometimes when I'm super busy I will make an exception.

When I am discussing a post idea with a PR/brand, I find an available space in my planner where there is nothing scheduled and write my post idea for the brand under 'post idea'. I also immediately let the PR know the date I will schedule the post for and check that is ok. As soon as I've written and scheduled a post it gets a big TICK.  I can easily see which posts I need to focus on writing next and which posts I have a little more time for. It also stops me from getting bogged down with 10 posts for write for the same week which has happened before and isn't a good feeling!

So that's it! That's how I organise my blog. I'd love to hear how you organise yours :-) 

I received a Stigu Planner in my Blog On Msi Goody Bag but was not obliged to write this post - I genuinely love it and wanted to share how good it is for organising your blog! 


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