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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Weekend Reading:- Parent's Evening, The Redhouse & Choosing a new camera

This week I was filled with pride at parent's evening - the boys are excelling at maths and Heidi achieved 19/20 (the best in her class) in her mock SAT papers. But perhaps more importantly, they are all extremely well behaved and confident in class. Yeah! There will be treats all round this Easter I think.

I spent the beginning of the week with the Co-operative nursery in Newburn. I had no idea that the Co-op provided nursery care and it was a real pleasure spending some time with the staff and children. Look out for a blog post next week, but my visit has made me think about how I need to teach my children to be a little more independent than they are now. 

I can't believe it's Easter in just a couple of weeks - that completely sneaked up on us! In a panic I dragged Steve to the MetroCentre to pick up a few bits and bobs. I'm pleased with what I've bought and I'll hopefully share in a post soon. I also picked up this fabulous swim bag for Heidi's birthday/her holidays from The Disney Store. She's going to love it!

Jack was off school for half of the week poorly and it made me realise that he isn't a Tazmanian Devil all of the time. It was secretly nice having some time just us two again.

I had to of course celebrate National Pie Week and I booked a table at one of my favourite spots - The Redhouse. You can choose from a selection of pies, types of mash, types of peas and types of liquor to design your perfect dish. I always go for a lamb and mint pie, minted peas, mustard mash and red wine liquor. Delish! 

Katie's epic chocolate brownie sundae

Before The Redhouse we popped into Churchills for a glass of wine which is a quiet bar next to Aveika (and joined onto the Vermont Aparthotel). The bar area is lovely and it was so nice sitting on the Chesterfields by the fire as I caught up with Chloe.

Three things that have made me smile this week:-

*Receiving our wedding invite to Chloe and Simon's wedding - SOOOOO excited!
*Planning a visit to the Houses of Parliament over Easter
*A lovely weekend walk with the kids - the sun was shining and we didn't need to wear our coats!

Five Blog posts I've loved this week:-

*This post from North East Food reviewing Riley's Fish Shack has already reached over 11,000 people when I shared it on my Facebook page this week. I can't wait to try!

*As a mum of three myself, I nodded along to everything written by Cardiff Mummy Says as she perfectly described life as a mum of three.

*Although not a blog post as such, I really wanted to share this email from my lovely friend Mandy. Her daughter Looby has spent the week in hospital and the whole family have had a tough time. I can't imagine what it must be like when you're a single self-employed parent and your child is ill! How do you keep a roof over your head? Well Mandy has put together a fabulous deal for her family photo shoots - a platinum package photo shoot where you get to keep a digital download of every photograph taken for just £95 (existing customers) or £125 (new customers). This is an AMAZING saving and only valid on a limited number of dates.

*Although this is an old post, I only just read it this week and it's hilarious! How to visit friends with kids by Eeh Bah Mum

*I am hoping to buy a new camera for our holiday in June (and life in general). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my Nikon D3200 and will continue to use this for a lot of my photography. However there are times when I want something more compact (going out to events at night for example) that still produces good results. I also want a camera that captures decent video footage rather than me relying on my phone for this. After reading what feels like hundreds of articles and advice I've decided I'm going with the Canon S120 or SX710. Which would you choose? (I realise this isn't a blog post either but it's what I've been reading this week).

That's all for now :-) Don't forget to join our North East Food Lovers Group if that sort of thing tickles your fancy :D


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