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Thursday, 10 March 2016

The problem with Facebook

I know a lot of people hate Facebook and moan about it. I however will hand on heart say I LOVE it. I especially love the Facebook groups I am part of. I think because I work from home I tend to spend a lot more time on social media and I see the groups I'm part of sort of like my work colleagues - I often don't speak to any adults at all until my husband gets home from work at 8:30pm so Facebook groups are the place I get to chat to other people and basically stop myself from going insane.

I am an admin in 6 wonderful Facebook groups (Northumberland Mumpreneurs, The North East Network of Brilliant Bloggers, Social Media Management Forum, North East Food Lovers, North East Family Fun Community and North East Family Fun Christmas should you wish to join any) and actively join in with probably around 20 groups. There's a group for everything and everyone on Facebook.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a new Facebook group that looked right up my street. I joined and enjoyed making new friends and chatting/sharing ideas a couple of times each day during my work breaks. I would go as far as to say that this group was becoming one of my favourites. Now I know there are often strict rules about what you can and can't post in Facebook groups and I always make sure I stick to them - some allow you to post blog links, others don't. I noticed another blogger post a link in this group and asked if it was ok to which his reply from admin was 'yes - you are fine to post blog links as long as it is a review'.

So a few days later I published a review post which was relevant to the group so I shared it. This was a mistake.

I received an inbox from the group admin that basically said as I was a 'big blogger' I wasn't allowed to post links in the group. Hmmmm now I don't know about you but I think it's a bit unfair to say some bloggers CAN post links and others CAN'T. How do you even determine what a 'big' blogger is anyway?  I went to reply to clarify the situation only to find I had been blocked so couldn't fight my case.

A few hours later I logged into the group only to find I couldn't access it. I had been removed and barred!! This makes me feel really sad and I think was a complete over the top reaction. No warning, no questions - just a straight ban for doing something that I had been previously told was OK.

If you ask anyone who knows me, I am sure they will tell you I am a NICE person and genuinely try to help others as much as I can and to be treated like this was really hard to take and if I am honest, difficult to get my head around. It kind of reminds me of those times at school when your friends wouldn't let you join in their games at playtime.  If the admin team thought I was in the group to slyly promote places I had been paid to visit then they can't have been further from the truth - FYI A LOT of what you see in my blog posts are places that I have visited and paid for out of my own money and genuinely feel passionate about and just want to share with others and a few extra page views from one group would have very little impact on my blog stats. In fact less than 5% of my page views come from the WHOLE OF FACEBOOK so I would go as far as to say that posting in the group would have zero impact on my overall 'stats'. Most bloggers write their blog because they love what they are writing about and want to share it with the world. We aren't chasing page views. Perhaps you could have taken the time to discuss this with me.........

Onwards and upwards though, this has been a hard lesson that not everyone in the world has the same outlook that I do. Yes I will miss the group I was part of but to be honest if this is how they treat people, I think I am better off out of there. This experience has really put me off joining new groups in the future and from now on I will be sticking to the lovely groups that I know and love.

Have you had any bad experiences with Facebook? Please tell me I'm not the only one.



  1. Oh that's such a shame - and it does seem both unfair and a bit of an overreaction.

  2. A big blogger? Surely that is sizist! ;-)

  3. Sorry to hear they've made you feel that way, and their knee jerk reaction is very unfair. So I'd just like to say that you have been a very 'nice person' to me and I haven't even met you yet!! you've been so supportive and helpful since I recently entered the group and I can see you are like that with others too, I think that speaks volumes :)

  4. I find them a bit of a mixed bag really, you want to join in, but you don't want to offend anyone. Some have rules, some have different rules, some have none, some have them but they're not the easiest to find.
    Some admins can have quite the power trip; It's not easy to manage a community, that's essentially what the admins are doing, some are better than others.
    I think that one of the big things is that if they have rules they have to apply to everyone; You can't allow one to post something than another to not post the same/similar thing. Facebook groups are great for discussion, and if they're limiting that then there won't be much of a group left for them to admin :)

  5. as fellow admin we both understand how hard it can be to manage a group but I agree with you on this a pleasant conversation could have ended any misunderstading!

  6. Sounds quite bonkers to me but then again I run a couple of Facebook groups and they're total nightmares sometimes, opinions from behind the safety and anonymity of the Internet can lead to dangerous behaviours

  7. Bunch of jokers if you ask me! You're the kindest person I know and so actively supportive to everyone you meet, they're truly missing out by kicking you out!

  8. It's their loss Sam, what a ridiculous way to deal with someone.

  9. Sorry this happened to you. So sad that they treat some people differently to others.x

  10. How rude and totally out of order! Sorry to hear about your negative experience. Personally I have a love hate relationship with Facebook. I originally joined to stay in touch with friends and family as I live miles away from everyone but in recent years I have joined a few groups (including yours) and really enjoy them. It's hard to manage time spent on Facebook though, a quick look can often turn in to a lost hour and as my partner isn't on Facebook I know it really annoys him if I disappear down an Internet rabbit hole while we're together. You must have very good time management skills, I'd spend way too much time on Facebook if I was active in 20 groups!!

  11. I agree that from the sounds of things you are so much better not being a part of a group that treats people like that. xx


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