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Monday, 21 March 2016

Should you buy your children Easter gifts?

Should you buy your children Easter presents? There's already been a debate about this on mumsnet this week and I can say that I am firmly in the 'who cares' camp.

Should you buy your children Easter presents?

Sometimes our children receive big gifts such as a new bike if they need one or new scooters. One year we bought them a playhouse for the garden (this would have been unsuitable as a Christmas present I think). Other years we have just bought them an Easter egg and sometimes we add a new outfit - it very much depends on our financial circumstances at the time and whether the children need something anyway.

Contrary to popular belief, if we buy our children a big gift one year, they would never expect it again the next and are always grateful whatever they receive. I know for a fact Harry is going to think this year is the best year yet as the Easter Bunny is bringing him his very own tube of pringles.

A few years ago we bought the kids tickets to see the Sooty Show which they were over the moon with (but is something we probably would have done over Easter anyway).

Easter Baskets

Children's Easter hamper

This year, we are desperately trying to save for our holidays so the gifts definitely aren't on the elaborate side. I am making the kids an Easter basket each filled with a few Easter treats. I have sourced little gifts mainly from Poundland and Home Bargains and think the whole basket comes in at around £6.

Children's Easter hamper

Where to shop:-

Chicken Licken Book (already owned)
Easter Chick Cookie lollipop - 69p from Home Bargains
Cadbury Egg - £1
Kinder Egg - 70p
Bunny Ears - 79p from Home Bargains
3 chicks (part of a set) - 20p from Poundland
Slinky string (part of a set) - 25p from Poundland
Easter basket - £1 from Poundland
Easter bunny glasses - £1 from Poundland

Total:- £6.32

I have a few variations for the boys and may add a couple bits and pieces if I see any bargains in the next few days. 

We're going to spend Easter Sunday creating egg hunts for each other and making Easter nests so I may make the ingredients up into a little hamper too. 

Easter Presents
Some years the children receive more than others.

I really want to end by saying - if you want to buy your children a huge pile of gifts for Easter, good on you. If you don't buy anything or just buy an Easter egg, then also - good on you. It is not for us to judge what you should and should not spend your money on and I'm sure you know your children and they will be happy with whatever you do or don't choose. I also think it's important not to feel guilty and compare yourself to others. The photograph above is a picture of what my children received for Easter in 2013 - if you asked them about it now they will have long forgotten, so in the grand scheme of things what your do or don't buy your kids isn't important to them I don't think. For us, it's more about spending some time together and enjoying a few treats.

I'd love to hear what you think - will you be buying Easter gifts this year? 

Should you buy your children Easter gifts?



  1. When we were kids, my brother and I would often get a Disney video between us. We then often end up with 4 or 5 eggs from different family members. I think one year I did ask my mum that I didn't have an egg. I think I was trying to be good and minimise the amount of chocolate I would have to tempt me. My in laws popped round yesterday and Easter presents have been delivered. So three chocolate bunnies and a chocolate chicken currently sit in my kitchen...

  2. I will be buying him a gift this year. He's not much of a chocolate fan, so we asked if he wanted an egg or a gift. He chose gift. So that will be at least two he's getting, as well as a trip out somewhere. Probably a picnic somewhere.

  3. My girls get chocolate and eggs and over the holidays we have a few days out so they don't get any extra gifts. We just can't afford it. They don't know any different so they don't mind.

  4. I think your children are very lucky because they have you as a mum and role model, it doesn't matter what you buy because it's about your delivery as a parent. Sometimes I buy treats for the kids but it doesn't make them ask for more stuff, I think you just get the message across that life is actually about experiences not things, which of course your kids get by the bagful. It's the enriched lives they lead because of that which will lead to them being well balanced happy children and young adults xx

  5. I like the Easter Gift bag you've put together, any kid would be thrilled to receive this as it's colourful and contains plenty They wouldn't even be aware of the small cost, I do similar for my grandkids and they love it :)


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