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Tuesday, 8 March 2016

The best Chrome Toolbar Extensions to use for blogging

I am an Apple girl through and through. Back in the day, I started blogging on an iPad and then two years ago I upgraded to a Macbook Pro. Now I use a Macbook Air and I love, love, love it. Well, I love everything about it apart from Safari which I really don't get on with. So I have downloaded Google Chrome and always use this as my browser. I like that I am always logged in to my blog, email and google+ accounts but the main reason I love it is the fabulous Chrome Toolbar Extensions. Today I'm going to talk you through my favourites. 

Add this

I will be honest when I say this is the least used extension on my toolbar. It is handy though. Basically whenever you are on a web page you can click this button and easily bookmark or share the page across social media. Download here. 


Who doesn't love a bit of Pinterest? This button makes it SO easy to pin a web page to my boards at the touch of a button. I love it! Download here.

Stumble Upon

 I get a fair bit of traffic from Stumble Upon but it only works if you Stumble plenty of other people's posts and pages too. So when I'm having a blog reading session I will open this toolbar which looks like this (sorry about the rubbish pic):-

If a page has already been previously stumbled I simply give it the 'thumbs up' to add to my likes. So easy (and great if you are joining in with stumble upon threads too). Download here.

Moz Toolbar

This might not make any sense to non-bloggers but the Moz Toolbar will show you a site's domain authority (so kind of how trusted they are). When writing for North East Family Fun I will always try to link out to a site with a high DA score and is a trusted source (this is good for SEO). When I open the Moz bar it immediately lets me see a site's PA, DA and spam score (plus more) which is an easy way to help me decide which sites to link to. Download here. 

Buffer Extension

This is my all time favourite extension. I subscribe to the awesome plan ($10 per month) but the free features are good too. If I am reading a blog post or an article that I would like to share to my social media at a later date I simply click the Buffer button and all of my social media accounts (including Linkedin and Facebook groups) appear. I have already set up the optimum times I would like articles to be shared so I simply select which social media I would like to share the article too, add my message and voila, the article is scheduled for a later date at one of my optimum times.

Directly from the toolbar you can either 'add to queue', 'custom share' at a specific time, 'share next' or 'share now'. The extension even picks up all of the images from the selected URL and lets you choose them:-

All of this without leaving the website you were reading. Genius! There are lots of other features I love about buffer too - this is just the very basics of the toolbar (I'm not on commission by the way). Download here. 

Affiliate Window

I sometimes use Affiliate links through Affiliate Window and this handy extension is fab. If I visiting any site that I am signed up or I'm looking at a particular product, I can click this extension to easily create a short affiliate link that is tracked to my account to my desired product/page. This is very handy for sharing Living Social Deals or bargain items to my Facebook page or across social media as well as my blog. I love that you need no coding knowledge to use it. Sign up here (affiliate link) and then download the toolbar here

Alexa Traffic Rank

This is a nifty little toolbar extension that is sometimes used by PR's to rank websites. Alexa tracks all of the web pages visited by those who have the toolbar installed and then ranks them in order. You can also click on 'search analytics' and find out basic info about the site you are visiting such as their bounce rate and most searched for keywords. I will be honest though as say I just leave this running in the background though and hopefully it will benefit the sites that I visit as it tracks them even if it's a teeny tiny amount. Download here. 

There you have it! These are my favourite chrome extensions. If you have any recommended extensions I have missed, please do let me know!



  1. I have my extensions/add-ons split between Chrome and Firefox as I'm a bit wary of overloading the browser - I've had issues before with too many. So AW and SU are on Firefox (mostly as SU has stopped working on Chrome for no explicable reason) and Pinterest and Buffer on Chrome. I also have Rescue Time running which tracks how long I spend on different programmes and Pocket for saving pages to read later as they get lost in my bookmarks.

  2. I'd highly recommend using the Grammarly Chrome extension too, it just gives that added peace of mind when it comes to spelling and grammar checks - especially when posting quickly on social sites like Facebook etc.


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