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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Lunch at Blyth Boathouse

I can't believe it was October 2014 when we first featured Blyth Boathouse on North East Family Fun. Time certainly does fly when you're having fun. My review is still in my top 10 posts and people search for it every day so I thought a re-visit should definitely be on the cards.

Situated on Blyth Quayside behind Ridley Park, if you weren't looking for the Boathouse you might not know it's there. There is ample free parking outside. 

The restaurant has an open kitchen and predominantly serves local seafood. There is an ever changing specials board and the chef creates and designs all dishes from scratch. The main selling point for me though is the fabulous view of the North Sea. Get there early for a table by the window. It was lovely and calming watching the sea and a few fishing boats chugging past. 

There was a sign outside saying lunch specials available from £4.95 which I feel is misleading. £4.95 is for coffee and cake (the cakes looked amazing mind). The cheapest dish on the menu is £9.95 (fish finger sandwich) followed by fish and chips (£10.95). Most dishes are priced at £16-£20 which for a weekday lunch is out of our price range. There were 5 other tables dining when we were there and every single person ordered fish and chips - I do think the main reason for this is the price and it needs to be evaluated. £17 for a crab salad is just extortionate when you can buy a local crab yourself for a few pounds or less. £10 for a baked Camembert starter is another example. I honestly don't know where they get these prices from!

Steve asked what type of sauce the gnocchi would be served with and our server didn't know which seemed a little odd. He then ordered crab cakes and was told the chef hadn't made them yet. It was 1:30pm on a Thursday lunchtime - I have family in the restaurant trade and know that most kitchens open at around 9am so I'm not sure why this was an excuse. Steve finally settled on the fish and chips the same as me.

When the fish and chips arrived they were a huge portion and absolutely delicious. Homemade chips (and lots of them) and freshly battered fish that wasn't at all greasy. It was certainly worth the £10.95 and one of the reasons we will return to give The Boathouse another visit.

The Boathouse has a lovely outdoor terrace over the sea (check out the stunning view) and I think here must be one of the best spots in the North East to enjoy fish and chips.

In conclusion, The Boathouse has sooooo much potential. Beautiful venue and first class local produce. I think they really need to reconsider their lunch menu though and provide some better value options too. I would love to see crab sandwiches. smoked salmon bagels, kipper pate or North Sea prawn jacket potatoes for example or maybe a small portion of mussels. I am sure they could serve up all of these options for around £7-£8 and this would get more bums on seats. There is also a children's menu priced at £5.95.

Lunch at Blyth Boathouse - A review



  1. Blimey! Those prices are crazy silly!! Maybe you're paying for the beautiful view?

  2. I have never visited here before and to be honest I have rarely even heard of it. The view looks amazing and I imagine would be so relaxing. The prices seem a bit steep though for lunch , especially when you consider many places offer such great value lunch deals. Xx

  3. Ouch! Those prices are steep, like Quayside steep. The views may be pretty but I don't think it warrants such a mark up. How disappointing.

  4. Interesting, after your review I'm not sure if I'd go or not, it probably depends on if they'd let me bring Holly to their outdoor area! I think if you want seafood at the moment the best place is the Oyster Bar in Fenwick, it's amazing!


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