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Sunday, 3 January 2016

You are what you drink

Throughout my life I have always been adamant that Dry January is NOT for me. I don't drink excessively- I drink around about one bottle of wine per week at home. When I attend blogger events I do maybe over-indulge a little. Who can turn down free champagne though? I won't lie when I say I LOVE a good drink and nothing beats that first sip of wine after a hard day at home with the kids! (I'm not so keen on the wine headaches the next day though).

I've given it a lot of thought this year and whilst I would say I am happy I KNOW I could be healthier. Healthy people are more productive and I want to be the best version of myself.

I eat a fairly healthy diet - we always cook from scratch at home and mostly eat salads, soups, stir frys, homemade curries and fish with new potatoes and steamed veg. I do perhaps eat one too many takeaways and when we eat out I don't usually pick healthy options but on the whole I do think my diet is ok. I also walk a lot - around 20 miles of dedicated walking per week and whilst I know I could do more it's not like I lead a sedentary lifestyle. So then comes the question - why am I overweight?

I am pretty sure that the answer to this question lies in my choice when it comes to drinks. First up let's look at alcohol.

One bottle of wine = 600 calories

If I'm at a blogger event or out with friends (which happens most weeks) I would probably drink 4 glasses of champagne (or equivalent) so that's another 4 x 90 calories or 360 calories. 

ALMOST 1000 calories per week wasted on alcohol!

Then I have another problem in the form of Pepsi. Pepsi is my soft drink of choice and whilst I don't drink much on days when I'm at home by myself, when my husband is home I do indulge perhaps a bit too much. On average I would say I drink 2-3 cans of pepsi per day. Pepsi contains 150 calories per can so on average this is 375 additional calories per day. On Pepsi!!

375 x 7 days = 2625 additional calories per week. On Pepsi!!! That was a wake up call if ever I needed one!

This is really shocking to me and has really pushed me into action! So I am going to take part in dry January and not touch any alcohol this month. Next month, I'll be quitting Pepsi too and replacing with water. (I wouldn't be able to switch to Pepsi max - it's just not the same). I don't want to start drinking fruit juices as these can be just as high or higher in calories so water or black coffee will be my drink of choice. 

I'm taking part in dry January but I hope to continue for a few months. I'll keep you updated on my progress!

Are you taking part in dry January this year? Have you added up how many calories you consume through drinking? 



  1. I go to slimming world and at group the person who runs it was saying even diet fizzy drinks make you gain weight. So the next week someone gave up diet Coke and they did not change anything else in their diet but they lost a huge 9lbs in one week just by not drinking 2 cans of pop a day. I am terrible for drinking it and plan on cutting down and just drinking sugar free squash instead xx

  2. I'm giving up diet coke as it's so jot good for you, but I drink so rarely that it would make very little.difference to my calories if I gave up plonk!

    We did add up.the additional calories in the husbands beer intake
    which was a shock

  3. I think for me, it's not necessarily the amount of alcohol but it's the way alcohol affects me. I know for a fact it has an adverse effect on my metabolism x

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  5. I lost 2 stone a couple of years ago. And slowly I've started to eat more, drink more and move less. It's nearly all back on. Portion size is a huge thing, we think we're eating an amount for one and actually it can feed two. So I'll be reassessing it all again, hopefully with a longer lasting effect!

  6. Good luck, I did this last year and I lost weight because I had a bit more energy to exercise!

  7. Wishing you the best of luck. I do enjoy a few glasses of wine on a weekend but I've never counted the calories. I dread to think! Eek x

  8. When I was doing Weight Watchers I was shocked at how many calories are in some drinks. I barely drink now as I always think I'd rather eat cake than have a glass of wine!

  9. Pop is the worst! I rarely drink it.

  10. I am definitely doing dry January, I put on weight in December from being too social and it's all pretty much prosecco related calories, I don't drink much in the way of pop now either but I still drink a lot of coffee. I have to have some pleasure in my life though :)


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