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Friday, 22 January 2016

9 ways to make money through blogging

In the various blogging groups I am part of, how to make money through blogging is a question that comes up time and time again. I've been blogging for around 3 years now and running North East Family Fun is now my full time job. I don't want to say I'm lucky as I feel that's the wrong word - it took  A LOT of hard work to get where I am today, however whichever way you look at it, I am pleased that I can earn a wage through something I enjoy that allows me to stay at home with my children and experience a lot of life that I wouldn't necessarily get the chance to do if it wasn't for blogging.

1 - Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are where a business will pay you to write about their brand on your website and include a link back to their product/service/promotion. If you would like to go down the sponsored post route you need to focus on writing good quality content and building up how trusted your site is by google. It definitely isn't something that happens overnight. If you keep at it though and write regularly, the offers will come. There are a lot of SEO consultants and PR's out there searching for bloggers just like you (so make sure your contact details are obvious). As a guide, most established bloggers will earn £100-£200+ per post.

2 - Sponsored Social Media Content and Twitter Parties

Another part of your blog you can focus on is building up is your social media following and engagement. Often brands don't have a huge budget and will pay you a lower fee to post across social media rather than on your blog. Twitter in particular is where you can earn around £200 for hosting a one hour twitter party on behalf of a brand - if this is something you are looking at achieving in the future you should ideally aim for 7000-10000+ twitter followers.

3 - Affiliate Links

You can sign up to affiliate schemes such as Affiliate Window and use their easy convert-a-link tool to automatically convert any links on your site to affiliate links (to the schemes you are signed up to). This means if anyone clicks through an affiliate link from my site and goes on to purchase something from the site I've linked to, they don't pay anymore but I receive a percentage of the sale. This is usually paid monthly and it all definitely adds up. 

4 - Paid Reviews

Networks such as Tots 100 and Britmums work with bloggers to review products, holidays and restaurants. As well as receiving a product to review on your blog, you are also paid a fee of around £100-£200 for your time. 

5 - Advertising

You will notice there is now advertising in my side bar over on North East Family Fun. I will be completely honest when I say I much prefer the look of blogs without advertising (so I'm a bit of a hypocrite) however paid advertising is an extra way to ensure I can pay my bills! Sometimes a brand will require a short term advert (eg for one month) and other times longer term arrangements can be made. 

6 - Guest Posting

Sometimes bloggers allow brands to publish a post on their site that the brand have written themselves and charge for this. 

7 - Freelance Blogging for other sites

I am occasionally approached to produce content for an external blog or website for which I charge a set fee for my time. 

8 - Social Media Management

I am always keen to diversify my income and with a social media following of over 15,000 I often advise others about how to run their social media. Setting up Samantha Rickelton | Social Media Management seemed like the next natural step for me and I already have big plans for this new sideline. 

9 - Blogger Outreach

Myself and Karen run the North East Network of Brilliant Bloggers and have over 300 members. We can work with brands and local businesses to find them the right blogger for which we charge a small fee. 

They are the 9 different ways I have been able to earn money through blogging, as I explained in the introduction, if your goal is to monetise your blog, don't concentrate on chasing brands. Instead, concentrate on creating good content and build up your blog's trust and following, then the brands will start to find you. 

I am happy to answer any questions :-)

You Baby Me Mummy

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  1. Great post Sam & some great advice in there x

  2. Sam you're such an inspiration! Thanks for sharing your advice. I really need to make my blog work harder financially so I need to knuckle down and work through your list...

  3. Thanks very much for sharing!Great tips and advice

  4. Great post. I'd love to start working with a few brands reviewing products or services but am not sure if my social media follows are high enough yet. Very informative. #thelist Lifeinthemumslane

  5. Thanks Sam, really want to put the work in with my blog this year!

  6. Some great ideas here. I've been debating offering advertising but I'm in two minds as I really like the sidebar uncluttered - I'm thinking of maybe offering advertising at the end of a post, but I have no idea if this will be well received or not! #TheList

  7. These are great ideas for monetising a blog, thank you for sharing. How exciting to set up your own Social Media Management company too - that's so great and you'll do brilliantly well I'm sure :) Mim x #TheList

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  9. Fab post Sam, you've worked so hard to get where you are and it's great you're sharing your tips with others. I keep meaning to add some sort of affiliate links on to mine as have heard good things and it seems quite easy. Thanks for linking up to #thelist x

  10. Ooooh lots of great avenues to look into as our site is growing and we wish to grow with it! Thanks for sharing!

    Leigh at Fashion Du Jour LDN HQ x

  11. Some great ideas thanks 😀

  12. This is really interesting, I always like to read about how other bloggers make money.

  13. Great summary! Wish I had seen this a few months ago actually.


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