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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

How to create content for your business Facebook page

The number one question I am asked more than any other (in terms of social media) is 'I don't know what to share on my Facebook page -  can you help?'. I thought it would be handy to share a few hints and tips.

Why is it important to share content on your Facebook page?

The world is competitive. Facebook has over 500 million active users of which 50% log in at least every day. Facebook is FREE and the perfect platform to reach your target customer (or retain current ones).

Don't look at Facebook as a place to sell, see it as a place to engage in conversation with customers old and new and ensure your business is always at the front of mind.

Let's take an example of a double glazing company.

Company A post on Facebook once per day. They always post photographs of their products and services.

Company B post on Facebook 3x per day. They post one sales post every few days with a photograph of their products and services but their other posts are designed to engage their customers - this could be asking a question, a lighthearted story about window cleaners that has been in the news that week, helpful tips to keep your home secure, debates about how much to pay a window cleaner, recommendations of other local businesses who supply blinds.......

When it comes to the day I need to buy double glazing for my home, who do you think I will enquire with first?  Company A who have only ever tried to sell their product and haven't paid any interest in me (and I probably switched off months ago as their content wasn't important to me then) OR Company B who have always been there to advise, help, provide top tips, entertain me, show they care about their local community,  are experts with all of the knowledge they share and are friendly with a personality? I know which one I'd choose. The same goes with recommending a business to friends. If someone asks if I know of a double glazing business, which one will stick in my mind and will I refer my friend they should check out?

How to I find content to share? 

The first thing to do is to sit down with a blank piece of paper with your business name in the centre. Really think about your business and your target customer. What is your customer interested in and what relates to your business? Let's take an example of a cake business. Start to write your ideas down on the paper in front of you, focusing on what your customer is interested in and how you can share relevant content. Here are a few ideas:- 

Cake business Facebook content ideas:-

*The world's most expensive cake
*Blog posts featuring cake recipes and tips (both your own and external sources)
*Cake smash trend
*Examples of wedding cakes around the world 
*The history of a birthday cake
*Top tips for decorating your cake
*Share Youtube Sugar craft tutorials 
*Create a poll - Chocolate or Victoria Sponge - which do you prefer?
*Articles featuring celebrity cakes 
*Behind the scenes photo of you baking a cake
*Great British Bake Off story/news
*Recommendations of your favourite local tearooms
*Cake hacks from Pinterest
*Alternative ideas to candles

They are just 13 ideas from the top of my head. Next, search the internet far and wide for 2-3 articles relating to each topic and bookmark them for future use. Make sure you read them and check they are appropriate (eg you might not want to share articles with bad language). In your first month of doing this, it does take a bit of time to source articles but once you are in the swing of it, if you create a folder in your bookmark bar you can just add articles to this folder every day as you are browsing the internet - it just becomes a part of daily life. 

If you share popular content, more people are going to see your page as their friends comment, like and share your page or posts - over time you will definitely see your page likes increase. 

Creating a Facebook Content Calendar

Every week I create a Facebook Content Calendar - it is just a simple table I created in Pages (or Word) with the days of the week across the top plus an extra box with 'performance' where you can go back and monitor which posts have worked well and which ones weren't as successful and use this to plan future posts.

It is a little difficult to see from this image but in the first column are the titles 'promotional post' where you will promote your own business, 'third party post' where you will share one of the articles you have sourced above and 'question/weekly series/feedback' where you can ask a question, share feedback from a recent survey or share your weekly series.

Creating a weekly series is a very good way to engage your audience and a super easy way to find content. Going back to our cake business, every Wednesday night could be 'Cake Club'. Design a logo for this (super easy and free using picmonkey or canva) and share every Wednesday at 8pm. Ask for people to share photos of their favourite cake that week, a recipe they've enjoyed, a tip they've found or a place they've enjoyed cake. It takes a few months but give it time and before you know it, people will be saving their cake photos to share just with you and others on a Wednesday night.

How to schedule Content

I find that scheduling content directly from Facebook or using buffer works best. If you are just starting out, scheduling directly from Facebook will be easier. Try and leave 5-6 hours between posts but experiment with different posting times to find out what works for you.

To schedule directly to Facebook you simply type your post and add photographs/images as normal and then click the arrow next to 'publish' and select schedule.

Then you simply choose your date and time and hit 'schedule'.

You can go back and delete or reschedule your content at any time. From your Facebook page simply click where is says 'scheduled post - see post'.

Then select your post and select 'Actions' to publish post now, reschedule or delete. If you are bulk scheduling you can create all your posts from this page too by selecting 'Create'.

I know this might seem overwhelming and like a lot of work and I will be honest and say you will need to spend time putting systems in place when you start using this strategy. However after the first few months it all becomes second nature and won't take up much of your time. I bet you won't look back! Make sure you measure your page insights and monitor how the strategy is working for you.

I like to sit down on a Sunday evening and schedule my Facebook content for the week. It takes me around 60 minutes to do this with my own page as I know my audience and what works inside out, for clients and new pages it does take a little longer. 

If you are still struggling with content ideas and feel like this all seems like it would take up too much of your time or you would like someone else to take your Facebook content off your hands, I can help and would love to hear from you - or visit our Facebook Page for more hints and tips when we fully launch in Spring.



  1. Some fantastic ideas in there Mrs R! Definitely given me some things to think about, I really neeed to try and set aside a little more time to managing my social media!

  2. Great ideas! With the recent changes to Facebook I have found it necessary to change up my 'strategy' such as it is and this is really helpful!

  3. Great tips - Facebook is on my 'to focus on' list for the New Year, and while I do a few of the things you've suggested, it's a bit more ad hoc (one week virtuously scheduling lots of content then a post every other day the next). Do you find much difference whether you're posting links, photos or just a straight post as I'm trying to wrap my head around that as well...

    1. For me, my best performing content is either a short video uploaded directly to Facebook, followed by photographs and then links, although often links perform a lot better than I would expect - especially if they have been shared a few times.

  4. Facebook is that place where every now and again I say to myself 'I really need to sort that out!', as it is, it's just a place that I randomly post when I remember or have brief flurries of activity for a few days.

    It's definitely one of my 2016 'goals' to get to grips with!

  5. Great post Sam - thanks for sharing!

  6. This is a really interesting take on utilising facebook. As a blogger, I'm never sure whether I should be sharing other content on my page. I shall give it a try though. Thanks for sharing!

    Kirstie | Behind The Scent (formerly Kimamely Beauty)

  7. Thanks for this Sam. I used to spend so much time on Facebook, but since I've been blogging I tend to do much more on Twitter. I really must spend more time on my Fb blog page. It's so hard to get followers there. Thanks for all the advice. Cal x

  8. Very useful Samantha with great tips on planning. It's also reminded me that you have to crawl before you can walk! and realise that the time I'm putting in now will decrease once I'm into the swing of things and get organised properly. Thanks, June :)


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