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Friday, 18 December 2015

9 points to consider before publishing your blog post

I have decided to launch a new 'Blogging - back to basics' series. I hope to share blogging tips and advice and would love to hear from anyone who has a particular area of expertise and would like to guest post.

Gone are the days when I simply hit publish after typing out a blog post. A lot of work goes into checking a post is ready for publication. I thought it might help others if I published my check list:-

1 - Have you proof read the post for flow, spelling and grammar?

2 - Have you checked post for key words in title, search description, post URL, subheadings and main text?

3 - Have you added a call to action or question at the end of your post?

4 - Have you added alt-tags to images and are they the correct size?

5 - Have you checked your links aren't broken and are follow/no-follow? Have you included an internal link to a previous post and/or external link to a relevant and credible source?

6 - Have you customised your post URL and added any necessary labels/tags?

7 - Have you scheduled the post correctly?

8 - Have you written an informative search description?

9 - Have you added a post location (if necessary)?

For more blogging tips, make sure you follow our blogging tips pinterest board.

Is there anything you would add to our list? 

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  1. I am with you on the proof reading. I find I don't like reading blogs myself that have spelling mistakes - the English teacher in me I expect! #thelist

  2. I really struggle with proof reading (that hint of dyslexia means I don't really see the mistakes) I'm going to look into search description because shamefully after 2 years blogging I didn't know you could do this !!!!

  3. I'd say that pretty much ticks everything off. Especially the proofreading. I can't abide poor grammar and spelling on blogs.

  4. I always proofread but half of the other stuff here I don't have a clue about. Whoops! #thelist


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