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Thursday, 10 December 2015

When should I buy an Eternity ring from Goldsmiths Newcastle?

Next year is our 10 year wedding anniversary! Eeeek! I seriously cannot believe how young we look on our wedding photos and I guess what they say is true, time does fly when you are having fun!

A Sapphire Engagement ring from Goldsmiths Newcastle

Steve picked out my engagement ring himself and I honestly couldn't have chosen better. My ring is from Goldsmiths Newcastle and features a Sapphire and two diamonds. I just love it!

I have been dropping pretty heavy hints that I would love to receive a Sapphire and Diamond Eternity ring (this one please) next year on our significant anniversary. However I was very disappointed to read that traditionally an Eternity ring is given on your 50th wedding anniversary so it looks like I may be waiting a while! All is not lost though and after popping into the Goldsmiths VIP shopping event at the beginning of December, the lovely staff were on hand to provide me with some other suggestions for beautiful gifts that will in fact last an eternity.

Gifts that will last an eternity from Goldsmiths Newcastle

During the shopping event I had the privilege of trying on two simply stunning diamond rings. I can't describe how special they make you feel and a gift of this calibre is something that you would definitely pass on to your daughter and beyond - they are most certainly a gift that keeps on giving! All of the ladies in the room had their eye on these pieces and if you are any where near Goldsmiths Newcastle on Blackett Street anytime soon I would urge you to pop in and take a look at these for yourself. They are very special indeed. 

Diamond ring - only available in store, £50,000

Blue Sapphire and Diamond Ring - Only available in store

Another timeless gift that will last an eternity is a classic designer watch. Goldsmiths Newcastle have their own watchmaker on site and specialise in high end brands such as Rolex, Cartier and Omega. 

Goldsmiths Newcastle holds an unrivalled stock of Rolex watches

You don't even need to spend a fortune to buy a gift that has been designed to last forever. I love this Gold tone DKNY watch that comes in at just over £100.

Diamonds are a girls best friend 

Diamonds are probably the ultimate gift that will last a lifetime and whilst most of us can't quite stretch to $48m which is the sum Hong Kong businessman Joseph Lau spent on a rare diamond for his 7 year old daughter last month, there is a diamond gift for all price ranges at Goldsmiths Newcastle.

Men's Jewellery and Watches from Goldsmiths Newcastle

It isn't just us ladies who deserve a gift that will last an eternity, the special men in our lives do too and you will also find a fabulous selection of ideas in store at Goldsmiths Newcastle. I remember Goldsmiths was the place I bought Steve an Armani watch for his 21st birthday when I was just 19 years old myself and he still cherishes it today. If watches aren't your thing, designer cufflinks are a nice gift that will always stand the test of time too. 

I would love to hear what you think about eternity rings - should I hold out until our 50th wedding anniversary and choose an alternative gift that will also last an eternity next year? Should I just go for it and convince Steve to buy me the diamond and sapphire ring I have been lusting after? Or maybe I should just stop thinking about it and get what I'm given?? According to many, I should have been given an eternity ring when our first child was born back in 2006! I'd love to hear if you have an eternity ring and when the time was right for you.



  1. I always thought it was after your first child? But I'm obviously wrong. I wouldn't wait 50 years. I say 10 is a very good time to get one and congratulations!!

    Katie X

  2. That is a beautiful engagement ring. It's like the one Chandler gave Monica in Friends :)

  3. Beautiful engagement ring. I love jewellery but don't wear it often enough. I'm a big fan of precious stones rather than diamonds though as I like colour and garnet is my favourite stone.

  4. They have some beautiful items on their site, i love the bracelet that you have featured.

  5. Congratulations that is a massive achievement and here is to many more years of happy marriage. Love the ring x

  6. I love sapphire and diamonds, and my engagement ring is a sapphire set with three diamonds each side. Its really special as it is an old family ring, but we had it reset in a more modern setting for me.

    Congratulations on your 10 years.

  7. Congrats on 10 years of marriage, wish you many more happy years!

  8. I love sapphire and diamonds, although diamonds are my main stone I love and is my birth stone :). I love jewellery especially rings Your ring is gorgeous x

  9. I'm not married but my other half bought me a gorgeous diamond eternity ring that means the world to me (also from those lovely people at goldsmiths!) It might be the only ring I ever get so I make sure I look after it by taking it in for its free annual clean and diamond check. Ps - love that gold dkny watch! (Santa reads your blog right?)

  10. I love jewellery, there's nothing more beautiful than receiving some form of jewellery from a loved one. x

  11. That DKNY gold watch is so pretty. Love it.

  12. Beautiful engagement ring and I always assumed an eternity ring came after the birth of your first child x

  13. I am absolutely in love with that flower shaped blue sapphire and diamond ring, it's so beautiful. The shopping event sounds like it was great fun, especially if you were allowed to try those beauties on! x

  14. I love that ring, the colour is just stunning. I don't wear much jewelry but I love my engagment ring and a ring my parents got me for my 18th birthday, both are white gold.

  15. Your engagement ring is gorgeous! I love my engagement ring and my eternity ring. x

  16. I really love your engagement ring, so beautiful

  17. Congratulations on 10 years next year! Those rings are beautiful x

  18. 50 years?! I'd be 76, way too old to properly enjoy an eternity ring!! I hope to convince hubby to get me one for our ten year anniversary.

  19. i love sapphires so much, they're so pretty and classic - great choices :)

  20. OMG! That blue sapphire and diamond ring - I love it.
    It reminds me of a daylight ring from Vampire Diaries! I will have to pop in store and see how much it costs.
    Thanks hun
    Charlotte x


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