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Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 reasons I hate Black Friday

So the trend for 'Black Friday' sales in the UK has only been around for 4-5 years however it feels to me as if it has been here forever. I for one could do without this phenomenon and will be avoiding the shops and internet all day long! Here's why:-

1 - Fighting

No one can forget the fight scenes and violence of last year's Black Friday. I mean some people even had their kids with them! I seriously don't know what comes over people! Imagine having to call the Police because two mums are fighting over the last big ticket item on the shelf. Is the bargain really worth that much? Madness!

2 - Non-bargains

I'm pretty sure that most of the 'bargains' you obtain on a Black Friday deal can actually be purchased all year round. If I suddenly need a new washing machine, I can ALWAYS find a good deal - you just need to know where to look. I don't see why people wait until Black Friday.

3 - Inbox is overwhelmed

I don't know about you but I've had to delete sooooo many emails today! It seems that every email list I've ever subscribed to wants to tell me about their must have deals. It's not just once either, some retailers have taken to sending multiple emails per day at this time of year. Well I'm sorry but I am so overwhelmed by these emails that they all get deleted straight away before I even get a chance to read what they have to say!




4 - Shops bring out old/low value stock bought especially for Black Friday

I have another theory that retailers actually buy end of line/reduced stock at discounted rates throughout the year just to sell to their customers on Black Friday in the guise of an amazing deal. Last year the Asda scrums were for an HD TV brand I had never even heard of! When I looked online the week after there were Sony and Panasonic TV's available from John Lewis for the same price.

5 - Too Busy

The fact that I actually have to pop to the shops on Friday is actually bringing me out in a cold sweat. I can just picture the crowds with their trollies piled high and I imagine queues down every aisle. When I'm in a slow moving queue, I'm not a happy bunny! The same goes for online - there will be no online browsing for me tomorrow as many websites can't deal with the increased traffic. Having to sit in an online queue just to browse is just not worth the effort!

Will you be braving the Black Friday sales or joining me and avoiding them altogether?



  1. Absolutely not, I'd rather pay £100 more for the quality of service and after sale you get at JL than queue from dawn for last seasons stock clearance !

  2. It really is bizarre - I have picked up a few early Christmas presents as Mothercare had Black Friday savings days ago, but I had planned to go without realising anyway.

  3. Can't believe that email saying 87% off!! I think Black Friday is just another thing from America and I'm really not that bothered by it at all!! Katie X

  4. I agree with all your points BUT I love Black Friday because I go to town early when the shops are empty and buy the things I was going to anyway with massive discounts. I've managed to get really good deals this year and last year and I was done by the time the madness began! xx


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