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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

£2k on a children's party?!? Really??

Did everyone see The Apprentice this week? Never mind the home baked cakes and lack-lustre 'team building for children' - the biggest shock of the episode for me is that anyone would spend 2k on a party in the first place. Some people honestly must have more money than sense! My three don't have a party every year and when they do it is a soft play job at less than £200 ALL IN!

So when Paul's Private Dining jokingly challenged me on twitter to come up with a better party than The Apprentice lot for £2000 I had to give it a go. It can't be that hard can it?

The perfect £2k party for an 11 year old boy who loves the outdoors

We would start the day with a Bushcraft outdoor party at The Rising Sun Country Park where the 10 guests would be led by an expert and discover how to build fires, cook their own food and fend for themselves in the great outdoors. This would be led by experts not amateurs so the kids would be sure to have a good time. We would then head to the Rising Sun Party room where there would be music and the room would be decorated with camouflage accessories whilst the kids helped themselves to hotdogs and juice. I'd also create a bush tucker trial area with jelly snakes, fake edible eyes and chocolate insects ect.....

Then we would head to our local Jam Jar Cinema (via a quick trip on a party bus) which will have been privately hired for our party. The kids would receive their own popcorn and juice as would mum and dad before we all settled down to watch an exclusive screening of an adventure film such as Pan or Indiana Jones.

I would have an adventure-style birthday cake professionally made by a local cake maker (such as Kelly's Kakes) who could guarantee it would be nut-free and it would definitely have the wow-factor over anything I could bake myself. I'd have individual adventure cupcakes too that the kids could take home with them. 

Photo Source - Kelly's Kakes

I wouldn't charge more for party bags as I would want to client to feel like they had received good value for money. I would buy a large sheet of cellophane and make little adventure kits containing binoculars, magnifying glasses, fake bugs and a Bear Grylls book - all hand tied with a personalised label. Finally, I would hire a professional photographer to capture the day and provide a photo memory book plus a disc of all images to the parents as something special to remember the day by.


Rising Sun Bushcraft party - £90
Room hire - £30
Hotdogs, buns, sauce and napkins - £10
Decorations and balloons - £40
Bush tucker trial £50
Nut free birthday cake and cupcakes - £70
Party Bus Hire - £250
Jam Jar Cinema Exclusive Hire - £175
Popcorn and Juice at Cinema - £25
Adventure kit party bags - £100
Professional photography - £300



I am pretty sure this party would be much better than those offered by The Apprentice candidates. What do you think?

Did you see The Apprentice this week? Would you ever spend £2k on a party?



  1. I should start watching The Apprentice again - it always makes me howl with laughter (and disbelief). I've never spent £2k on a party for myself!

  2. Even if I had 2K to spend on a kids party, I'm not sure I would! It is a ludicrous amount. I have begrudgingly done a soft play laser quest party this year and feel slightly violated by the cost of that. I have told my son he is only getting cake in the party bags as it is such an expensive party, but a drop in the ocean compared to the apprentice ones. I am sure any mum could do a better job at organising a posh party for the kids x

  3. We've done big parties - one party for a 1 year old tipped the scales at over £10k (we had a marquee and I have to be honest due to last minute addition of 15 kids (as in 24 hours notice) they got a good deal.

    Personally if people have the money I say that is fine - why judge or say we can do it cheaper or you don't need to spend that amount. So long as what is provided is value for money and the guests/client is satisfied then its worth what someone is willing to pay?

  4. I don't think I've ever watched the apprentice. I don't think 2K is too bad- saying that I've just organised my sons and without invites or cake it's £175 :D He'll only be 4 so I think that's enough tbh :) x

  5. I watched The Apprentice today and cringed all the way through...The parties were awful! Yours is so much better!!
    2K is a crazy amount to spend!

  6. £2k is nuts. I can't believe people spend that on a kids birthday. We're doing N's 5th at the moment, and are doing it jointly with another child. Village hall and food should be around £30, it's around £150 for the entertainment and goody bag takeaway. Then we'll put on an ipod and organise pass the parcel. To me that's still expensive, but I'm not having 25 kids at home in January!


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