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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Shop local - Artisan Bakery Whitley Bay

So, as pledged in my 'year of me' post, I am making a conscious effort to shop local as much as possible. Sometimes this is harder than you think. In search of a special loaf of bread to go with our Pan Haggerty for dinner, I realised that there is not one single bakery (apart from Greggs) in our home town. It's a shame that we had to go further a field but so be it.

After a little bit of research I found 'Artisan Bakery' in Whitley Bay and knew this was exactly the sort of place I was looking for. We parked in the Playhouse Carpark (as this is where we always park - free parking!) and walked the 1/2 mile to Illfracome Gardens where I was a little jealous to see there were two bakeries on the same street!

We started with an Americano and pot of tea in the sunshine and wished we hadn't already eaten lunch as we admired the baked goods on offer to eat in or take away. The sausage rolls in particular looked like nothing I'd ever seen before! We'll be back to sample soon no doubt.

After our coffee we spent a good few minutes browsing the array of bread and baked goods on offer - there were multiple types of loaf, sourdough, buns, sweet treats, muffins, baguettes and more.

In the end we decided on a wholemeal rye sourdough to go with dinner and a couple of potato and rosemary muffins for lunch the following day. The staff were so friendly and even threw a freebie in for us!

The bread was soft and fresh with a good crust and a real hit with the family. In fact the bread disappeared before our Pan Haggerty did!

If you are looking for somewhere local to pop in for coffee/lunch or to buy some amazingly fresh bread that is 100 times better than anything you can get from the Supermarket, you should definitely try Artisan Bakery in Whitley Bay. 



  1. I do wish it was easier to shop local, every high street is full of chains and it's so sad :( I'd love to go back to the days of having a butchers, bakers, green grocers. I remember my Mum going to individual shops in our village to buy our fresh food every week. It's just not the same now!

  2. This is one of my favourite shops! I've never been in for coffee but love the bread (and lemon tarts!) x

  3. We're just back from a little tour of Europe, and it was so easy to buy local all the time. We only visited a supermarket once - to buy bottles of water for in the car. The rest of the time we very easily ate very, very well from bakeries, butchers, and a great many street vendors (Belgium). I do wish it was more like that here.


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