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Monday, 21 September 2015

Why do people feel guilty about a little me time?

I spent last weekend with my husband in London to celebrate reaching the finals of the MAD blog awards with my other blog North East Family Fun. We decided to leave the kids at home this time and really make a weekend of it. Leaving the kids at home meant we could drink as much champagne as we wanted, indulge in some un-interrupted reading on the train, stay up late, have a lie in, visit some London attractions that may not have been the most child friendly and generally just be ourselves.

We are lucky that our children are close to their grandparents who love to have them sleep over. They enjoyed blackberry picking, baking, gardening and watching movies whilst we were away and had a wonderful time. So why is it that we still feel guilty for spending 48 hours away from our children enjoying ourselves? Here are just a few of the things we got up to:-

I got to drink an actual hot drink on a train

I could actually spend time getting ready rather than a quick 5 minute dash (thanks Powder Puff girls for your help)

We got to drink Champagne in our gorgeous suite at the 5* Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington

A night out in London town for the pair of us

I got to eat delicious food, drink wine and chat to some amazing bloggers at the MAD blog awards.

We could order a mammoth breakfast in bed and enjoy a much-needed lie in.

We got to walk around London without needing 10 pairs of eyes and to re-mortgage our house to pay for drinks, snacks and travel for three little scamps.

I'm just going to come out and say it! We had a wonderful weekend without the kids. We do love our family days out but it's so lovely to have a break once in a while too. Anyone else feel guilty when they spend a day or two away from the kids?

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  1. Well I know my Mam didn't get guilt leaving me or she most certainly didn't show it. You deserve some you and Steve time! Looks like you had a great time. I love the look of the breakfast!!

    Katie x

  2. It looks like you had a fab weekend!
    Yep I feel the guilt too.....My fella and I went out for lunch to a place where we usually go with the kids and I felt awful about it....It was only lunch! lol Imagine if I had a night away...hehehe

  3. We've never spent more than about 12 hrs away from our kids, even when I had 2nd child I was only away 8 hours and third was born at home so not even an overnight hospital stay! I don't feel guilty on the rare occasion we get to go to the pictures or for a meal though

  4. So pleased you enjoyed your trip away. Don't feel guilty, you enjoy some me time from time to time xxxx

  5. I'm a bad un as I love a weekend away and don't feel the guilt! I miss them by the time I'm coming home but do enjoy a lovely time away it can be very rejuvenating. If you don't drink so much sambuca like I did! Lovely to meet you.

  6. So great to finally meet you Sam. And glad you had a top weekend. No need to feel guilty at all! Time for you is only a good thing in my eyes, it means you're more refreshed for the onslaught back home!

  7. Was really lovely to meet you, looks like you had a fantastic time in London x

  8. we try and do this often. It really does help to recharge the batteries and remember what you liked about the person pre-kid

  9. Looking after yourself makes you a much better parent. It's impossible to be a calm, fair, consistent parent faced with a screaming child unless we invest a little time in replenishing our own resources!

  10. I agree with Anita above that you do have to prioritise time for yourself once and a while. It gives you renewed energy and end of the day makes you a better, happier parent. A lovely read and great to see how you had such a wonderful time! Nadia - ScandiMummy x #BrilliantBlogPosts


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