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Friday, 29 May 2015

Girls night out at Coast to Coast

One of the best perks of writing a blog (or in this case having friends who are bloggers and invite you as their +1 - thanks Chloe) is being invited to cocktail evenings. Now that I'm in my 30's I have pretty much decided that life's too short to drink boring drinks so when I go out I will always opt for either a cocktail or champagne (luckily for my bank balance I don't go out too often). I had never set foot in a coast to coast bar or restaurant and as I waited for my date to arrive I did think that perhaps I was a little old to be going out for drinks in Newcastle's 'The Gate'. However as soon as I stepped inside Coast to Coast, was handed a Strawberry Rossini and realised I wasn't surrounded with teenagers, I immediately felt at home.

Our host for the evening was award winning mixologist Andy Pearson who was going to take us through some of the new additions to the Coast to Coast drinks menu, assist us in making a few cocktails ourselves and generally explain the concept and ethos of Coast to Coast and their drinks.

Candy Floss Royale

Coast to Coast are a fun bar. They hope to attract people who are out to enjoy a few decent and unpretentious drinks that are friendly and fun with an American twist.

First up was the Candy Floss Royale - the staff make their own candy floss using a machine behind the bar (how cool). It was fab watching the floss disappear as the fizz was poured and if you have a sweet tooth, this is definitely the drink for you.

Raspberry and White Chocolate Martini

This cocktail was easily my favourite of the evening. I don't actually think I've ever tried white chocolate in a cocktail but the dusting around the glass makes this drink taste like a really indulgent after dinner drink. I would choose this over a white chocolate cheesecake any day!

Creme Brulee

Chloe attempted this delicious looking creme brulee which involved using an actual blow torch! I do love a bit of cocktail-theatre. Made using Absolut vanilla vodka, double cream and creme brulee syrup then topped with a citrus foam and caramelised orange wheel this certainly isn't a cocktail you could easily re-create at home.

Chloe had to get that all important close up of her creation 

The cocktails soon started lining up

As I mentioned to my husband the other day, I really notice the music in bars these days. Coast to Coast had their sound track spot on with classic hits from the 80's and 90's. We danced behind the bar to Michael Jackson and I swear we shouted 'chooooon' a little too loudly as En Vogue - Don't Let Go started playing. Definitely a bar for those in their mid-twenties to mid-thirties I think.

Tiramisu Martini

It was my turn next to try my hand at making a Tiramisu Martini. I had sampled rather a few drinks by this point which definitely brought about some Dutch courage and it felt like I was free-pouring, shaking and double straining like a pro. Who knows whether I could actually make it as a mixologist but my drink did taste ok.

Smoked Old Fashioned

A smoked old fashioned is one of hubby's favourites and we remarked how much the boys would like to try these drinks. I will have to bring Steve back to try Coast to Coast's version as it is just too strong of a drink for me to enjoy. I do love the bottle it is served in though!

Swiss Shake

We ended the evening with this hard shake made with chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate liqueur, hazelnut liqueur and your own piece of Toblerone - the perfect way to end such a fantastic night and I think it went down a little too easily.

Coast to Coast wasn't how I expected at all. It is definitely my sort of bar - a combination of the right music, welcoming booth seating and fun cocktails with quality ingredients means that I will be back with the girls during our next night out in town. They also offer family-friendly dining with early evening specials and I will be interested to re-visit with the children so keep your eyes on North East Family Fun for a future food review.  Thanks to the Coast to Coast team and Andy for an informative and enjoyable night.



  1. Aww looks like you had lots of fun! I might have to check this place out, I'd never heard of it until now x

  2. Such a fun night! I definitely need to head back with Simon .. he needs to try the cocktails! x

  3. Candy Floss in drinks! That is amazing! It looks like you had the best time x


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