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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Good Food Show - Harrogate

We were sent tickets to the BBC Good Food Show in Harrogate last month but unfortunately were unable to attend. The lovely Kelly who blogs about weddings, beauty and life over at The Life Bath kindly took our place. Take a look at what she thought:- 

I have a slight obsession with food, I love eating out I love eating in, I love all cuisines from Mexican to Greek and good old home cooked English grub. This could be the reason I am battling to lose weight for my wedding.

The BBC Good Food Show always seemed like the Holy Grail to me, a giant arena filled with all kinds of food mixed with my second weakness kitchen gadgets, its sounds like heaven.

Even though I had thought this show would be amazing I never actually organised to go to one, I think I always thought they were really far away or always in London. I was given the opportunity to go to the Spring BBC Good Food show in Harrogate to write this piece about the day so I jumped at the chance (even if I did think Harrogate was near Durham).

I thought the best thing for this piece was to just tell you about our day like a little diary.

Deciding which day to go on was difficult as the show was on for 3 days, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I really wanted to go on the Saturday as Mary Berry was there with Paul Hollywood and the Hairy Bikers but due to my fiancé Thom's work commitments and me organising a baby shower for my best friend it was the Sunday show we went to.

I forced us out of bed early so we could start the hour and a half drive down to Harrogate. I had never been to Harrogate before and once I realised where it was I was looking forward to also seeing a bit of the city as well.

I the drive was fine and Harrogate is really easy to find, I don’t know why I dismiss going to events and days out further then Durham as it doesn’t really take much to drive a few more miles (that is easy to say when you are not the one driving I suppose).  The drive was stress free till we got there and couldn’t find anywhere to park, as the exhibition centre parking was full. After a few slightly stressful choice words between Thom and me we found a multi story near the train station which I think worked out better as we got to walk through Harrogate and it is a beautiful little town.

So lets get on to the actual show. It is a little overwhelming when you first go in, as the place is huge. We got a map with our tickets and stopped to make a plan then realised it was probably best to just start walking and we would eventually see everything as there was no rush.  There is all sorts of food and drinks, everything you could imagine. I think photos are the best way to show you this.

What I loved about the Good Food Festival was the majority of stalls were little self-made businesses like little farms or cheese makers, people with an idea and a passion to sell amazing food and drinks made by them. I love supporting these types of business and there should be a lot more like this on the high street.  They also had lots of free tasters so that just won Thom and me over straight away.

There was a massive amount of kitchen items and gadgets so there was lots of demonstrations going on, I was transfixed by all the slicers and dicers, Tupperware, steamers, soup makers the list goes on. At each stall without fail I would turn to Thom and say “we definitely need one of those” to his response of “no we don’t” and then pushing me along to the next stall, this happened maybe 20 times, I just love a good gadget.

Everyone was so lovely as I was asking to take pictures and let them know what we were doing there. One stall was not friendly at all and didn’t want to demonstrate for us and said “I’m here to make sales so if you are not buying anything I’m not interested in what you are doing” we were so shocked and it really bugged Thom all day at how rude he was. I wont name the company, as I don’t think that is far but as it was a big company we did send an email advising them of his attitude and the customer service people were amazing and apologised.

 So once we had walked all a round sampling the amazing food and dreaming of those kitchen gadgets, which I promise, would of made my life easier :) we came to the interview stage.

We made it in time to see James Martin, one of the reasons I was still excited about coming on the Sunday. He came on answered some questions had a bit of a chat and then that was it but it was still good to watch as I like a good celebrity spot. He then did a book signing after but his book at £20 and I don’t like James Martin that much, I was tempted to buy John Torode book for £9.99 and get him to sign that and see if he saw the funny side but I chickened out.

They also have the big show in the arena where the chefs live cook, we didn’t get a chance to see this but people we spoke to said it was good fun and really interesting.

The big food hall where you could buy lunch was amazing as well I could of spent a small fortune in there if I had more then one stomach. The smells were fantastic and I had my eye on a roast pork sandwich.

So that was our day at the Spring Good food Festival, I really enjoyed it and it was great to see all those little business.

No trip to Harrogate is complete though without a trip to Bettys Tea room even though the exhibition centre was full of so much amazing food I just had to go here for tea. It was delicious and did not disappoint (I agree - you can read about our trip to Harrogate last year here - Sam).

The next Good Food Show is their summer show and is the 11th 14th June at the NEC in Birmingham, a little bit of a longer drive from the North East but trains also run regularly to Birmingham.

I really hoped you liked this insight into the food festival and it gives you an idea whether you would like to go to one. And Thank you so Samantha and Life as Mrs R for giving me the opportunity to guest blog.

Thank you so much Kelly for a fabulous guest post. It looks like a wonderful day and I hope we get to go next year!

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  1. Thank you for this opportunity Samantha I loved it xx


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