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Monday, 13 April 2015

Riverford Organic Recipe Boxes - A review

When I first heard about Riverford Organic boxes I thought they were a wonderful idea - perfect for hectic weekends when you don't have time to meal plan but still want to eat well. Riverford farms have created three recipe boxes - Vegetarian recipe box, Quick recipe box and Original recipe box. They all contain everything you need to cook a fresh, seasonal meal at home for two people using only the best organic products. We were kindly sent an original box to provide our feedback. We were not obliged to blog but I love the concept and really wanted to share. Here's how we got on:-


Ordering is super easy - you simply visit,  browse the box by type (you can check out the recipes that will be included that week) and add to your basket.

You then type in the postcode for where your box will be delivered and you will be informed of the delivery day for your area. Ours is a Wednesday. There are instructions for where to leave the box if you aren't home or you can choose for your box to be delivered to your workplace.

Then you simply pay, check out and await delivery - nice and easy!


Our delivery arrived on Wednesday lunchtime and I could not have been more impressed. The boxes have been packed with care and contain a mini cooling pouch to keep your chilled items at their optimum temperature. The box contained three recipe cards that were easy to follow and all of the ingredients needed to create our meals - right down to the perfect quantity of herbs and spices. This is a huge plus point for us as it means there is no waste - how many times have you spent a fortune on buying ingredients only to use them once and the leftovers to sit in your cupboard for years months? 

As you can see our ingredients were of the highest quality and they had a long shelf life - we actually cooked our last recipe 9 days after receiving our box - this probably isn't recommended but it still tasted fine to us! Most of the recipes are advised to be cooked within 5 days.

Riverford farms have 25 years of experience behind them and everything in their recipe boxes is 100% organic and seasonal. You can also add any other bits of shopping (check out their wide range of fruit, veg, meat, dairy and farm shop items) up to two days before your delivery date. Delivery is free and quality is assured.

Recipe one - Hot Chorizo and Potato salad

This recipe was simple to make. The included recipe advised cooking the meal within 5 days and that we would need a large pan, colander and saucepan. No fancy equipment needed! The recipe took about 40 minutes to cook.

This warm salad was lovely and filling and the chorizo from the Riverford butchery was perfectly spiced and very easy to crumble into the dish. We have pinned this recipe card to our fridge to cook again. The only negative was that despite washing our salad leaves I still managed to find a little bug on my plate - I guess this proves we certainly were eating organic and next time we will be more careful when washing our leaves.

Recipe two - Lemon & Thyme Pesto with white beans and wild garlic pesto

As a huge garlic lover this was easily my husband's favourite dish. We always like to make our own regular pesto when we can as you can really taste the difference - this wild garlic pesto was even better and was absolutely bursting with flavour. You do need a food processor or pestle and mortar for this dish but I think thanks to Jamie Oliver, most households will own this equipment now. We did think the portion of organic chicken between us looked rather small but in reality it was the perfect portion and there was more than enough.

Recipe three - Roasted red peppers stuffed with tabbouleh and purple sprouting broccoli

I think this is the only recipe I probably wouldn't cook again as I found it a bit bland, hubby loved it though so I guess this is just personal preference. One of the points I really enjoyed about Riverford recipe boxes was that they allowed me to broaden my palette and cook more exciting dinners. There is no way I would ever usually attempt such an elaborate sounding dish but when all of the ingredients are provided and pre-measured even a novice cook could attempt this dish.


Recipe boxes are priced between £33 and £39.95 including delivery. At first I thought this was a little on the expensive side however when I worked it out this is £6.66 per person per meal - considering you are eating only the best organic produce I think this actually works out as a real bargain - much cheaper than a takeaway or eating out.

I like how Riverford have created hassle free cooking - as the meal planner in our house it sometimes drives me mad trying to think of new meals to cook, with Riverford they have taken this stress away. I also love how I have been persuaded to try new foods - I had never tried white beans before, we'd never made our own wild garlic pesto and I usually turn my nose up at tinned tomatoes - however it turned out they were all delicious and I have certainly been inspired to cook more adventurous meals.

At the moment Riverford don't offer family recipe boxes but I definitely think this is something they could consider in the future as the thought of being able to cook a hassle free organic family meal at the weekend is very appealing to me.

I will certainly be ordering Riverford recipe boxes in the future - due to us working 12 hour shifts we usually eat separately from our children about 50% of the time and these boxes would be perfect for those days.

To find out more, visit Riverford Recipe Boxes online or visit them on facebook.

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  1. I would love to try these but didn't think they delivered to my area. It seems I was wrong so will have to investigate more. They look really good

  2. Wow these recipes look lovely and I like the idea that it is lovely fresh produce!

  3. These look like great boxes....The meals look very tasty x

  4. I've used a recipe delivery box service for a while, and really enjoy that I'm eating well, actually cooking, and it's mostly tasty. I didn't know Riverford delivered up here, might look into that. Interesting that they don't do a family version.

  5. We have had the veg boxes from Riverford for a while now and love them. Everything is so fresh and delicious! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

  6. These sound fab. Thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  7. When we lived in the UK we had Riverford veg and fruit boxes delivered every week. even though we're obviously not short of good food in Italy, I still miss those boxes! They take such care over all their products, I can't recommend them highly enough as a company. It's nice to hear they're coming up with more great boxes now, too.


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