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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Game of Thrones, Longhorns and a few bars

The Science of Game of Thrones

Last week we decided to do something a little different and booked tickets to 'The Science of Game of Thrones' at Life. This specially commissioned show with Helen Keen promised to explore a little behind the science behind the hit tv show. Tickets were only £4 each for the 90 minute lecture and I think from looking around the conference room, it was probably a sell out. We bought a couple of drinks at the bar and managed to grab a couple of front row seats.

Choosing front row seats will always mean you are more likely to be part of the show and Steve was picked to play the role of Tywin Lannister and give his opinions at various points throughout the show.

The 90 minute show was very entertaining with a good mix of audience participation, discussion, science, experiments, history and comedy. £4 per ticket was fantastic value - I think they could have charged double this!

Is Wildfire really possible?

Could dragons really exist and is it possible to breathe fire?

Could The Mountain really crush Oberyn Martell's skull with his bare hands?

All in all a fantastic night - I am definitely going to keep an eye on future Life events.

We headed straight to Longhorns after the lecture but were told there was an hour wait for a table. We put our name down to return at 8:50pm and headed to a few nearby bars.

Brew Dog

First up was Brew Dog - hubby loves a good beer (me not so much) and I had wanted to take him here for ages - there are a huge 33 craft beer taps to choose from as well as various bottles. Not being a beer drinker myself, I asked the bar tender for recommendations and he was happy to offer me a few tasters and talk me through some choices before I made my decision.

There was a live DJ and a very relaxed feel to this bar - a perfect bar to meet up with friends. We'll definitely return.

The Glass House

We popped across the road to The Glass House. I was pleased to see this bar is doing well and it was hard to get a seat - we managed though (top tip - there is a lot more seating around the back of the bar next to the Cigar lounge). The Glass House is a 1920's styled bar with leather seats, tiled floors and crystal chandeliers. It definitely has an upmarket feel however I don't necessarily think the prices reflect this. A glass of house champagne is less than £7 and house wine £4. Obviously you can spend a lot more with a large selection of vintage champagnes and whiskey's on the menu too. This bar would be perfect for a girls night out or as a place to share a bottle of champagne when celebrating a special occasion.


We headed over to Longhorn's at our designated time only to still find it absolutely heaving. We were asked to order at the bar and grab ourselves a drink. This system is good as it means as soon as you are seated your food is brought over meaning in theory tables are turned as quickly as possible. We were amused watching somebody attempt (and fail at) the Tex-ass torture challenge.

We were finally seated at 9:20pm - 30 minutes later than we were told we would have a table. I don't know why Longhorns haven't implemented a booking system - this would make the whole experience a lot less stressful. One of the things I didn't like was people standing around you waiting for you to finish your meal so they could have your table. It's not a nice experience when you are trying to eat saucy ribs and messy pulled pork.

We decided to go for the BBQ boards - 2 meats and 2 sides for me and 3 meats and 2 sides for hubby. They had ran out of coleslaw so I went for memphis smoked hog butt, badass brisket, fries and hog rind. The badass brisket was lovely - and I think it would be even better in a bun (which is what I will order next time) especially with a helping of Longhorns hot sauce. The pork rind was the best I've ever had - it was perfectly crisp yet didn't break your teeth and definitely the best part of my meal. I found the fries to be over seasoned - they were covered in what reminded me of peri peri salt from nandos - hubby however loved them and said they were some of the best he'd had. I had left my hog butt until the end but unfortunately by this point it was dry and cold :-( - an addition of BBQ sauce certainly improved it though.

Would I go to Longhorns again? Yes I would - especially if they implement a booking system. If however I am told next time there is an hours wait for a table, I think I am likely to just try somewhere else as although there were some definite stars in our food, it wasn't outstanding enough to warrant a 90 minute wait.

A nightcap on the Quayside

I had been dying to try the new bar Chez Mal at The Malmaison after reading good reports from other bloggers. We walked along the quayside and headed up to the bar to sample some of their signature cocktails only to find it had been closed for a private function so we changed our plans and opted for a glass of wine at The Broad Chare instead - after reading the menu, we are keen to return here for food soon.

All in all - a fantastic evening. I am pleased we tried a few new bars and pubs rather than sticking to our usual haunts. I would love to hear your recommendations of your favourite places to visit for a drink in town.



  1. I really do wish Longhorns would sort out a booking system, it really does put me off the idea of going!

    1. We went with a group of 11 people so it was even harder for us to get a table! It is a shame, but I think the queues out of the door on a nightly basis mean they'll keep things as is for the time being :(

    2. Think you need to try it at least once Chloe - at least they let you put your name down and return. I agree Emma - why would they change if there are already queues out of the door and I think the fact that they are so popular/it's hard to get a table is good PR for the, x

  2. Were they serving your food to you on kitchen roll or am I imagining things? :-D


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