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Saturday, 8 October 2016

Cocktail of the Month | October 2016 | Halloween Special

Halloween Canape Idea - Mummified Sausages recipe

After the success of last month's 'Cocktail of the Month' (check out Steve's Mojito recipe and my tomato bread recipe if you haven't already) we were super excited to get started on planning this month's recipes which we decided would have a Halloween theme. So excited in fact that we decided to drag out our Halloween decorations and invite some of our friends over for a little soiree.

Check out Here Come the Hooper's interpretation of a Pumpkin - I love it! (thanks for the pic Alan)

The scene was set and we decided on two cocktails - the first one was a Toffee Apple and the second a Zombie. Head over to Big Stevie Cool's blog to find out the recipes but it's fair to say we now know why they're called Zombie's. Talk about blowing your head off!!

Toffee Apple
Zombie Cocktails
When it comes to canapes, you can spend a few hours (make that days) browsing Pinterest - there are so many fabulous and fun recipes out there. I eventually decided on making some mummified sausages as inspired by this recipe on BBC Good Food.

Mummified Sausages Recipe (makes 12)


12 Chipoloata Sausages
1 tube of ready-to-roll Croissant dough
2 tbsp Ketchup
2 tbsp Honey
1 tbsp Dijon mustard


1 - Mix the ketchup, mustard and honey together in a bowl

2 - Brush the sausages with the sauce

3 - Unravel your croissant dough and pinch the diagonal line together so there are no gaps. Cut your dough into thin strips (like bandages)

4 - Wrap these strips around your sausages (easier said than done) and place on a lightly greased baking tray. Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees celsius.

5 - Bake in the oven for around 20 minutes and leave to cool for a few minutes before serving. I think they'd be nice dipped in extra ketchup.

I think our 'mummies' were probably over-cooked by 1-2 minutes but overall, they turned out very well and everyone seemed to enjoy them. You can prepare them in advance like I did and pop in the fridge on their baking tray if you wrap the tray in foil/film. Then they are ready to go in the oven when needed. I also think they'll make a fab 'Halloween' breakfast for kids.

Don't forget to check out Steve's Halloween Cocktails Recipes here and let me know if you're going to give these a go yourself. 


Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Book Your Complimentary Elizabeth Arden Anti-Pollution Treatment

The lovely ladies from Elizabeth Arden are at it again. Last month, they offered my readers a fantastic complimentary Oxygen Facial and Skincare Consultation at their counter in Boots Eldon Square. Lots of you got in touch to say that you'd booked this and loved it which I'm really pleased about. Well this month, they are back with another fabulous offer and I can't wait to share it with you all.

EXCLUSIVE OFFER | Book Your Complimentary Elizabeth Arden Anti-Pollution Treatment

Elizabeth Arden are offering my readers the chance to experience their Anti-Pollution mask treatment  (which features 5 steps to revived skin) completely free of charge. This anti-pollution spa treatment is just like giving your skin a nutrient drink at your favourite juice bar. Your skin will be thoroughly cleansed and then boosted with SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster before being covered with a spa-inspired mask. 

The mask isn't as scary as it looks and feels lovely and cooling to the skin. The mask is packed with free radical fighting antioxidants, green tea and vitamin E. The mask remains on the skin for 10-20 minutes during which time you'll be treated to a relaxing arm and hand massage using Elizabeth Arden products. I was honestly so relaxed at this point I forgot I was sitting in Eldon Square and almost dozed off.

My skin felt beautiful afterwards and had definitely been given a new lease of life. Once the mask has worked it's magic, Prevage environmental skincare is applied - a serum to CORRECT, City Smart to PROTECT and Prevage Foundation to PERFECT the look of skin. The foundation is colour matched to your skin and other make up can be applied to finish the look. During the whole experience the lovely Elizabeth Arden ladies will offer lots of skincare hints, tips and advice and never ever try the hard sell. They are genuine ladies who love what they do and really are fantastic. Sitting at the counter is such a treat but also not at all intimidating - in fact you feel as if you are catching up with old friends.

At the end of your treatment you are given a little bag of treats to take home which will extend the benefits of your treatment. My gift included a bottle of water, some green tea, skincare samples and a luxury foundation sample. Perfect! Remember, this is all completely free of charge.

After my treatment

How to book your COMPLIMENTARY Elizabeth Arden Anti-Pollution Treatment

Simply pop into Boots Eldon Square and head to the Elizabeth Arden counter. Mention that you'd like to book the  'Life As Mrs R blog - Anti-Pollution Treatment' and they will find the next available date for you OR you can email quoting 'Elizabeth Arden/Life As Mrs R blog Anti-Pollution Treatment' to arrange an appointment.  These treatments are completely free of charge for my readers and available whilst stocks last.

3 hours later and I still love how my skin looks

Claim Your Free Elizabeth Arden Gift

There's even more good news with this fantastic Elizabeth Arden gift offer for autumn. The official launch of this offer is 29th September but if you mention 'Life As Mrs R blog' my readers can get their hands on this fantastic gift from 28th September. These gifts are worth over £100 each and are perfect for weekend getaways or some extra special pampering. Elizabeth Arden customers at Boots Eldon Square can choose one of these gifts completely free of charge when they make two purchases from the Elizabeth Arden counter (one of which must be skincare). What a treat! 

Gift includes:
  • 5ml Superstart Serum
  • 50ml Prevage Boosting Cleanser
  • 30ml Eight Hour Oil
  • 2.5ml Grand Entrance Mascara

and either:
  • 5ml Prevage Intensive Serum & 15ml Prevage AA Moisture Lotion SPF 30


  • Ceramide Daily Youth Serum 7pc & 15ml Ceramide Lift and Firm Day Cream SPF 30 

I know I'm not alone when I say I am guilty of not investing in myself. I know it's hard to make the time but honestly when you do, you will be so pleased you did. I am giving you permission to leave the kids with their dad for an hour or for you to book into Elizabeth Arden after work or at the weekend and treat yourself to this spa-inspired treatment. Remember, it's an exclusive complimentary offer for you and you definitely deserve a bit of 'me time'. 


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review

Hurrah! The end of the summer holidays means that Steve and I can enjoy our regular grown up lunches again. We usually have a trip out and try somewhere new on Steve's day off every couple of weeks but the summer holidays put a temporary stop to this as we seemed to bleed money over the holidays and lunch for 5 is very rarely cheap. Plus it's just not as relaxing when you share your table with three kids whose favourite pastimes include winding each other up, kicking each other under the table and moaning that they are starving if their food doesn't arrive as soon as we sit down! So on Steve's first day off, we headed to Quilliam Brothers which is a teahouse in Newcastle City Centre just across the road from the Civic Centre and ideal for Newcastle University, Northern Stage, Haymarket and the Hancock Museum. 

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review

Quilliam Brothers is the sort of establishment where you hang by the entrance and the next available member of staff will find you a table. It was busy when we visited on a weekday lunchtime (which was out of University term time so I guess it must be CRAZY busy when term begins) and we had a 20 minute wait for a table. We didn't mind though as we weren't in a rush and there were lots of local magazines to keep us entertained. There was even a large sketch pad by the window where you were encouraged to doodle as you waited. Sweet.

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review

Quilliam Brothers is primarily a teahouse. There are over 60 types of tea to choose from and I love this leather-bound tea menu you are handed as you enter.

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review - Tea Menu

I am not a tea drinker, but was pleased to see local favourites Canny Milkshake on the menu and promptly ordered myself one.

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review - Canny Milkshake

Lunch is served from 11am - 3pm. What I liked about Quilliam Brothers is that they value local traders, alongside Canny Shakes, their stotties are custom made by Sugar Down Bakery on Westgate Road, their meat is sourced from local butchers and their veg is from the UK sourced by local suppliers. The lunch menu is small and based around stotties & salads. I much prefer a smaller menu as usually, it means that a place only offers a few things but does them really well and that's certainly the case with Quilliam.

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review - Geordie Rarebit
Geordie Rarebit

I ordered the Geordie Rarebit - Cheese, Mustard and Brown Ale on toast served with homemade roasties and salad. A nice and filling lunch at £6.95 with just the right amount of mustard.

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review - The Big Q Sandwich
The Big-Q Stottie

Steve went for the The Big-Q which is slow roasted beef in a stottie with cheese and burger sauce (also served with salad and homemade roasties for £6.95). This sandwich was absolutely bursting with flavour and I think I'd be tempted to order it next time.

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review - Espresso and Chocolate Brownie

We ended our lunch with two espressos & a caramel chocolate brownie to share which was divine. We should have ordered two!

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review - Chocolate Caramel Brownie

Service wasn't the quickest, however all of the staff were utterly charming and once you had a table there was no rush to give it up. Quilliam Brothers is open until midnight and they serve cake and baked goods all day. It is the ideal spot to meet with a friend in town when you don't want the loud music/ambience of a bar or restaurant and just want to sit and have a good long gossip over tea and cake.

Quilliam Brothers Teahouse | Newcastle - Lunch Menu Review

Our total bill was just under £20 for the two of us which I think was very cheap considering we had a couple of drinks each, the food was fresh & local and we had 2 courses.

Le me know if you've ever visited Quilliam Brothers or if you have any suggestions for where we should visit for our next lunch date.

Disclosure: We paid for our own lunch and drinks. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Hello September | My chance to gain that elusive work-life balance

September is a fantastic time for fresh starts and even if it's cliche - I'm going to grab this fresh start by the horns! I work from home writing my 4 different blogs, working on long-term brand campaigns and running blogger outreach for various brands. I'm a busy bee! I do like to be busy though and can't ever imagine a life of sitting in front of the TV. What I have noticed, is that I work too much.

When you're self employed it feels as if there is a direct correlation between the number of hours you work and the amount you earn and it is very hard to switch off when you kind of need money to feed and clothe your children. I have realised though that although this may be true in the first year of business, as your business becomes more established, you really don't need to work around the clock and you can still be successful. If anything, time away from your business is GOOD for you. It's good for your health, wellbeing and leaves you feeling refreshed and inspired. I think I am now ready to take a little step back.

In the past year, my working life has pretty much involved working from the minute I wake up in bed until the minute I go to sleep and I think it's time to change. My business is ticking along nicely now and I feel that I can take some of the pressure off myself, so here's my plan for my working day:-

How I am going to achieve a work-life balance

9:30am - 12noon | I know I am most productive in the morning and at night, so I plan to get up, get the kids ready, walk them to school (it's a couple of miles round trip so the exercise does me good), walk my mums dog, do a quick tidy up, make a brew and sit down to work 9:30am - 12noon. This is when I will get most of my writing, brand work and social media scheduling completed.

12noon - 1pm - Lunch break. I am actually going to give myself a lunch break and make sure I eat. Most of the time I look up from my laptop, it's 2pm and lunch has passed so I don't eat anything which isn't healthy for anyone. If I need to pop to the shops, this will be the time to do this (so it's just like having an employed job - yes?)

1pm-2pm - Baking/housework/walk. I am sure I'm not alone in feeling this way, but over the summer it is as if a bomb has been dropped in my house. There is mess EVERYWHERE. I seriously need to declutter and I think spending time doing this will really help us all feel better as a family. I also want to start baking again (we can blame GBBO for that) so I plan to bake for 2 days and declutter/clean for 3 days. On the days where Steve is off work too, we plan to head out for one of our hour power walks. It's nice to have this time just us two and it's good for our health too.

2pm - 2:50pm - Reply to emails/social media. Bloggers receive A LOT of email and I really need to dedicate an hour of my day to clearing my inbox rather than doing it on the move/whenever I can. I hope this will help me to focus and hopefully over time it will stop me from feeling like I NEED to be constantly checking/replying to notifications and emails.

2:50pm-6pm - A full three hours dedicated to the kids. I am SO guilty of working when the kids come home from school and I really don't need to be if I organise my time properly. So I will be picking up the kids (another nice long walk) then we have snack time at home until 4pm followed by homework club 4pm-4:30pm (where they need to read/practice spellings/complete homework) and then I will organise dinner/get them bathed ect.......I plan to completely switch off my laptop and put my phone away during these 3 hours.

6pm - 7:30pm - Another hour and a bit's worth of work. Quite often I receive emails/campaigns at around 5pm or may have some work that needs to be completed ASAP. Once the kids are playing (hopefully happily) or watching TV, I will take this time to complete any outstanding tasks.

7:30pm - Cook our dinner. Steve works until 8pm and he is in charge of cooking on his days off (check out his fantastic recipes if you haven't already). On his work days though, I have in the past been really lazy and will just pop a M&S dine in for 2 meal in the oven (or similar). I am really trying to get out of this habit and have started to teach myself to cook properly from scratch, If you add me on Snapchat (search NEFAMILYFUN) you will be treated to an occasional cook-a-long. I am really enjoying the process of learning a new skill and it's rewarding to create a delicious and nutritious meal from scratch for us both.

8:30pm - 9pm - Blog commenting/reading. I love reading and commenting on blogs (and I think it is good practice to do this too) and dedicating 30 minutes to this every day rather than doing it as and when will hopefully work better.

9pm-11pm - TV time & reading. Steve and I have started reading for 20 minutes before bed and it's something I am really enjoying. Not only does it help you to relax but I think as a writer, it's very important to feed your brain with as much vocabulary as you can. I am currently reading The Mansio which is a collection of short stories and poems inspired by Hadrian's Wall and I'm really enjoying it.

A Plan for weekends

My weekends fall into two categories - Steve is either working the full weekend or he is off the full weekend and this happens on alternative weekends. When Steve is working, I usually have a 'chill' day at home on Saturday and work for around 5 hours of this. I very rarely publish a post over the weekend now and I like that the pressure is completely off. Then on Sunday we will either go out for a walk/to the park/do something fun. On the weekends that Steve is off work, I try not to work at all on a Saturday and we usually have a whole weekend of quality family time.

I do work for a couple of hours on a Sunday evening before X Factor as it helps me to get prepared for the week ahead and I don't think I am ready to regularly incorporate a FULL weekend away from work just yet.

Obviously, my days might sometimes look different to this, especially when I have meetings or events to attend (or a sneaky lunch with the girls) but I am hoping that I can mostly stick to my plan.

So, according to my schedule, I should be only actually working for 32 hours every week. Eeeek! It feels like I work double that at the moment so let's hope I can pull this off. I REALLY want to achieve a better work-life balance and I am hoping my plan will help.

Let me know if you have any tips for achieving a good work-life balance.


Friday, 2 September 2016

Cocktail of the month | Mojito

Back in the day when we had three kids under the age of 5, going out wasn't easy. It wasn't due to lack of babysitters but more lack of energy. We were DRAINED. I have always been a huge advocate of 'date night' however so we used to have a cocktail night at home once every month. It was a good excuse to stock up on our favourite spirits, get drunk and have a laugh.

Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito

As the kids got older and we started going out more, cocktail night was kind of put on the back burner. Steve's hours at work have recently changed and this means that we don't actually get to go out as much anymore so we've decided to bring cocktail hour back! YEAH! Every month we will choose a 'cocktail of the month' and let you know how to make it, our thoughts, variations and little canapes to go with it.

September 2016 - Mojito

We are starting with one of our favourite cocktails (and one we already had the ingredients for) - the classic mojito. Head over to Big Stevie Cool's blog here to find out the recipes. 

Cocktail of the month recipe | Classic Mojito
Classic Mojito

Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito

Cocktail of the month recipe | Raspberry Mojito
Raspberry Mojito

We tried 3 variations of Mojito in total. My favourite was definitely the raspberry mojito. I wonder why we've never made one before!


Steve's in charge of drinks and I'm in charge of canapes so don't expect anything fancy! I like to keep things as simple as possible but still make sure they're a nice treat. For this month I decided to re-visit one of our favourite recipes from our trip to Spain and create a simple tomato bread.

Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito - tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella canape

We actually smuggled these tomato breads back from Spain but I've noticed you can buy similar at Aldi. Then all you need is some Buffalo Mozzarella, a bunch of basil and some olive oil.

Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito - tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella canape


Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito - tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella canape

This canape is honestly so simple to make but it tastes so dreamy and really is a treat. Do make sure you buy Buffalo Mozzarella if you can as it really does make a difference.

Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito - tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella canape

Whilst shopping in Waitrose I spotted these mojito chicken cigarellos in the reduced aisle and picked them up for about £1. The perfect addition to mojito night we thought. 

Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito - mojito chicken cigarellos Waitrose

Cocktail of the month recipe | Mojito - mojito chicken cigarellos Waitrose

So there you have it - our first cocktail of the month. We had 4 drinks each but as they were all at least triple measures we did get very tipsy. Ooooops! It was a fraction of the cost of going out though and just as fun. I'd recommend introducing cocktail night to anyone who is on a budget/doesn't have a babysitter/can't be bothered to go out. 

Next month is October and we are already planning a Halloween themed cocktail. We are thinking of trying out a Zombie but let me know if you have any other suggestions and also if you have any ideas for Halloween themed canapes.


Thursday, 1 September 2016

How to grow your blog's Facebook page in 18 simple steps

Facebook is one of my favourite social media platforms. I just love the sense of community I have over on my Facebook pages and after search engine and direct traffic, Facebook is a top traffic referrer for me.

As my insights show, in the past 28 days my North East Family Fun page has reached over 160,000 people. WOW this is not to be sniffed at and as Facebook is FREE it definitely shouldn't be discounted as a marketing tool for your blog. I've dabbled with a couple of live videos this month. They are instant, need very little editing and yet still reached 10,000+ people - definitely something to consider.

Last month, I received almost 10,000 click throughs to my blog via Facebook for North East Family Fun and although a lot of bloggers aren't keen, I honestly love it. It does take a lot of work though. I think I've had my North East Family Fun page set up for around 3 years now and I am only just approaching 8000 followers. Building your Facebook audience is definitely something that doesn't happen overnight but I thought I would share some pointers that have worked for me:-

1 - Don't just post blog post links. This can get boring and followers may switch off. Here are some ideas for content:-

*Photographs linked from Instagram
*Buzzfeed/Huffington post/Newspaper articles
*Ask questions
*Blog posts from other bloggers
*Trending topics (eg post about #GBBO when it's on)
*Live video of something behind the scenes
*Funny stories that have happened to you
*Photo slideshows

2 - Tag brands/other bloggers/businesses in your posts if relevant. If you've posted a picture from a specific brand - tag them. If you're dining in a restaurant, check in via your page. If you've written about a holiday resort - tag them. This helps to increase your page visibility and if you are lucky, the brand might share your image/post to their page.

3 - Make sure your Facebook page is in your email signature, add it as a call to action at the end of your posts (eg 'For more Weight loss tips, Follow Life As Mrs R on Facebook here) and check you have social media buttons on your blog sidebar (and they work).

4 - Schedule and plan content. This summer hasn't been the best example as life has kind of gotten in the way but normally I will take 30 minutes on a Sunday night to plan my entire week's worth of Facebook content. I use buffer but you can also schedule straight from Facebook. I leave spaces in my scheduling if I know I am planning to visit somewhere and will share a 'live' update but generally, I will schedule 2 posts per day to Facebook about a week in advance. Usually always one of my own posts and then something else (see above). I try to share my own posts at my best times which are very early morning (6am ish) or about 9:30pm. Again this summer isn't the best example but I find that sharing my new blog posts to groups on the day they are published and then to my Facebook page around a week later gives me the best reach rather than sharing everywhere at once (obviously different if they are time-specific).

5 - Comment on posts as your page. This is an obvious one but comment on other pages in your niche as your blog page to increase visibility.

6 - Share viral content in your niche and invite those who like the post to like your page. If you spot something in your feed that is receiving a lot of shares and attention, re-share it from your page (as long as it is in your niche). I gain a lot of page followers using this tactic.

7 - Make a habit of inviting post 'likers' to like your page every few days. I go through my page every 2-3 days and invite everyone who has liked my posts to like my page. I am very methodical and nobody ever gets missed!

8 - Cross promote your Facebook page on other social channels but give people a reason to follow you. For example, over on Twitter say ' Follow us at where we share exclusive food pics & recipes'. Don't just say 'Follow us on FB here.......' You need to give people a reason to follow you.

9 - If you write about a brand, tag them in your post from your Facebook page but also share your blog post to their FB page wall (tag your own page when you do this) EG 'Hi Siesta Holidays, we have written a post over on my blog North East Family Fun (tagged if you can) featuring top tips for travelling on one of your coaches with kids'. If you can't tag your own page, make sure you have a Facebook call to action at the bottom of your blog post. This has significantly increased blog traffic for me in the past and brought new followers to my page.

10 - Join a tribe. I am not in an official tribe but we have a lovely little North East community going on. There are no set rules or anything but if a North East Blogger comments on my Facebook page, I try to return the favour and likewise. It's nice having a little community of people you know you can rely on.

11 - Run a FB giveaway but make sure the prize is relevant to your target audience so the people who enter are likely to remain engaged. EG if you write about pre-schoolers, you could give away a pre-school bundle or if you write about beauty, you could give away a beauty bundle. Make sure you are aware of Facebook rules (you cannot ask for shares, tags or page likes as a compulsory entry to a giveaway). I usually just ask a simple question' eg 'how do you like your coffee?' and state all valid comments will be entered into the giveaway and one winner will be selected at random. Entrants will usually like the post (so you can invite them to like your page), or like your page anyway and some will even share.

12 - Don't share everything to Facebook. It can be tempting to share everything to Facebook but you may have noticed that I don't share EVERY blog post to my Facebook page - sometimes the posts just aren't relevant. For example, I won't share this post with my Life As Mrs R Facebook page as that particular Facebook page isn't about social media tips. I only tend to share content on Facebook that I know people will engage with.

13 - Facebook is a fantastic place to crowdsource. My Facebook followers always help me out when I'm looking for ideas for a post. For example, when I was writing about the best fish and chips in the North East for North East Family Fun I asked for ideas over on my Facebook page and I was inundated with ideas and my post reach was high.

14 - Write shareable content in your niche. It's difficult to do this all of the time but I find that lists work really well. EG 'Top 10 Ice Cream Parlours in the North East' or 'Top 10 signs you know you have a child starting school'. In my experience, writing posts in list forms really increases the likelihood that they'll be shared. Facebook likes it when people share posts and will hopefully reward you with showing your page to a wider audience.

15 - Share your page into groups. In groups where you are permitted to share your blog posts to the group wall, try sharing directly from your Facebook page when you can as this increases reach (and alerts everyone in the group to your Facebook page). I try to mix it up a little and will share a direct link to some groups on the day a post is published and then share the Facebook post featuring my post link in other groups at a later date.

16 - Use your personal profile. My non-blogging friends are probably sick of me doing this but if you share your best posts (or ones your real life Facebook friends will connect with) to your personal Facebook profile, it really does make a difference. Sometimes if I am feeling very cheeky I will even inbox a couple of my friends and ask them to share my post if they can (this works well if you are sharing an exclusive local offer or a post you think has the potential to go viral). Shy bairns get nowt right???

17- Don't be scared to re-share your best content or content which hasn't reached as many people as you would have liked. When I was on holiday in June, I re-shared my top 20 blog posts of all time to my Facebook page (all scheduled ahead of my break) and my blog views went through the roof. Now I try and make a habit of re-sharing popular posts every few weeks. Or if you've been blogging for more than one year you can share precious year's seasonal content (for example I will be sharing my archived back to school posts this week). Although I publish 7-15 blog posts per week (YIKES) you really don't need to do this to be successful or increase page views as sharing older posts can work just as well.

18 - Don't be afraid to pay. I don't spend huge amounts on Facebook advertising - maybe £2 per month but boosting selected posts really works well for me. You need to pick your posts wisely (for example if you've just blogged about something brand new) and target your audience. I usually set my budget to £1 and then pause the campaign when I've spent 30p-50p. Despite what others may say, I haven't found it to decrease my organic reach at all and as long as you invite post likers to like your page, it is quite the opposite.

How to grow your blog's Facebook page in 18 simple steps

I hope some of my tips have given you some food for thought. If you'd like to keep an eye on what I am doing to continue to build my audience, make sure you give North East Family Fun a little like (see what I did there). I also run a Social Media Management Forum where we share Social Media tips and news. Please feel free to add yourself to our group here.

Brilliant blog posts on

Friday, 26 August 2016

GBBO, meditation & minor Instagram success - this week's #LittleLoves

It's been a busy week this week. I'm really struggling with my work load at the moment - it's really hard trying to fit in fun with the kids plus full-time hours working at home when they are here. I have ended up working until 3am quite a few mornings. I'm not going to moan too much though as I do love summer and it's worth it. The benefit of self-employment is that I can work when I need to I guess. The new school term (aka peace and quiet) is in sight. We've had a fun trip to our local park with water features this week as well as meeting superman and going out for afternoon tea this afternoon.

Here are my Little Loves this week:-


No books again! Slap my wrists! I've enjoyed reading this post from Travel Loving Family which includes some tips from yours truly plus Katie Jane Online's review of Seaham Hall - definitely an idea for my 10th anniversary in a few month's time I think! 


Hooray for Wednesday nights! Three of my favourite tv shows are gracing our screens. First up is GBBO! Love it! I already have my favourite. GBBO always puts me in the baking mood so watch this space for recipes......

After GBBO I watch my absolute guilty pleasure Teen Mom OG. I have watched this show for years and honestly feel as if I know Farrah, Amber, Maci and Caitlyn personally! Then it is onto First Dates - I love the little update at the end of the show and always smile when the couples end up dating! Ahhhh! 


I just adore this wrap dress from Pink Clove and have worn it twice this week - it's the perfect outfit to dress up or down and washes really well without the need to iron! Yeah! 


I have been getting back into meditation before bed this week. It really does help me to relax. I like Yellow Brick Cinema and The Honest Guys - I would recommend both (and they're free! Yeah)

and Lastly

I popped into Laneway and Co. for a coffee this week and it is a gorgeous little independent coffee shop in the centre of Newcastle (not far from Motel One). I love it! Oh and I also love the fact that one of my photos on Instagram has achieved over 100 likes for the first time. YEAH! 

I'm linking up with Coffee Work Sleep Repeat #LittleLoves

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